Caillou: Show and Tell Offers A Rich Reading Experience with Your Kids

Kids love to read and play with characters that they’re already familiar with. We’ve been seeing various TV series adapted into apps, the most popular being PBS TV shows for kids.

We’ve never reviewed Caillou apps before, thus I was excited when the developers contacted us for a review. Turns out, Caillou: Show and Tell is the perfect storybook to read and discuss with your juniors.

The app offers cues that you can use to start conversations with your juniors.

Preparing for a Show and Tell

After a fun day of crafts at the daycare, Miss Martin announces to Caillou’s class that there will be a show-and-tell on the following day. Everyone can bring something from home to show the class and tell why it’s special to them.

Caillou is eager to bring something that will surprise his friends, but he can’t decide which toy to bring. His mommy suggests choosing three toys and practicing for the show-and-tell after supper.

Caillou chooses Rexy the dinosaur, his favourite kite, and a toy fire truck for practice, but he still can’t pick one to bring the next morning. What will Caillou bring to class?

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Parents Need to Know

Caillou: Show and Tell supports two reading modes: Read to Me and Read and Talk. The latter mode is a new reading mode developed in conjunction with McGill University Child Phonology Lab. It encourages parents to read the story aloud with their juniors in a shared reading experience.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see speech bubbles to spark conversations with your juniors. Juniors can answer these questions and record their voice. These activities are designed to foster language development for juniors. You can find out more about this approach by going to the developers’ website.

Caillou: Show and Tell also supports French text and voice over. You can also record your own voice for pre-defined words in the app, called Living Words. These include familiar words such as mommy, daddy, and children, plus new vocabularies such as crafts, surprise, and sad. As kids read, they can tap on these words to hear your recorded voice.

Caillou: Show and Tell encourages you to reread the story to unlock new characters and plots to use in Theater play.

Things I Like

The app encourages kids to read the story over and over again by rewarding them with new characters and props for the Theater play. In this playful activity, kids can select a background, place two characters, and a few other props. Once they are ready, they can move the characters and props around, and record their voice.

Another thing that makes Caillou: Show and Tell stands out from other storybook apps is the reading tips section for parents. Some points that are highlighted in the section include:

  • Read aloud with expression
  • Pause and discuss what happens in the story
  • Encourage juniors to explain, predict, and recall the story

As parents, you will also encounter a new prompt to start new discussions with your juniors in each level. This allows you to approach the same scene with a different perspective.

Make your own story in Theater play mode.


Caillou: Show and Tell is an innovative storybook that encourages parents to read along with their juniors. Throughout the book, parents can find various questions to start meaningful discussions with their kids, allowing them to relate, reflect, and imagine what could happen in the story. I highly recommend parents with juniors ages 4+ to read and explore this storybook.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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