Avokiddo ABC Ride Inspires You to Play with Your Kids Outside of the House

How often do you take your kids to play outside? If you work full time like I do, it can be challenging to do this as frequently as you like. But, we also know that they can learn a lot from playing outside the house.

My app pick for today, Avokiddo ABC Ride, tries to help with this problem. Instead of using the standard flash cards approach, the app teaches kids about the alphabet through playful exploration of the great outdoors.

Find the hidden letter E inside the eggs.

Ride the Bicycle from A to Z

You start by choosing which character you want, boy or girl, to ride the bike. To move the bike, drag and hold it to the right. Along the way, you can collect stars and perform different activities built uniquely for each letter.

For example, the first activity lets you catch apricots with a bucket. In the next activity, you try to pop all the balloons that are floating your way. When you complete an activity, you can drag the letter blocks to build words.

By default, you will be going from A to Z, and then back to A. But you can change this setting to show random letters instead to keep the app from becoming too repetitive.

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Parents Need to Know

What makes Avokiddo ABC Ride interesting is the wide variety of activities that juniors can do. For example, they can feed a hippo with candies, or change an infant monkey’s diaper. They can also water flowers and sweep up fallen leaves.

The types of activities are perfect for juniors ages 2+. They can have fun hatching various animal eggs, opening gift boxes, and even bathing a pig. They will also learn new vocabularies, such as magnet, ostrich, quince, and yarn.

You can jump to any letter and switch the sequence to random letters.

Things I Like

Avokiddo ABC Ride doesn’t include any text instructions on how to play the mini games. Instead, it uses voiceovers to provide instructions and fun facts about the objects included. The voiceover is professionally done and laced with humor.

The app also includes several new game mechanics which are not commonly found in other apps. For example, juniors can practice their concentration by guessing which moving hat holds the letter H. They can also learn how to pull a bucket from a well by making circular movements with their fingers.

Change the shirt color by dragging the yarn of which color you want to use.


Avokiddo ABC Ride is a fun app for juniors ages 2+ to learn the alphabets by playing outdoor games. The gameplay encourages juniors to play and explore as they ride the bicycle. I’d recommend it for parents who have not been able to take their kids to play outside much.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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