Duckie Deck Monsters Help Kids Overcome Fears of Dark Shadows

How do your kids feel about dark shadows? A few days ago, I noticed this as I took my four-year-old to walk around our neighborhood at night. He was making creepy sounds as he pointed to our shadows walking around. Even though he’s not scared with the shadows, he’s at least aware of the association between dark shadows and creepy noises.

Are your kids scared of dark shadows? If they are, you should let them try Duckie Deck Monsters. It’s a new app that aims to demystify the secrets behind dark shadows.

Don’t be afraid of the dark shadows. Turn on the lights and see who it is.

Turn on the Lights

The app starts with a moving shadow in a dark-lit room, accompanied by creepy music. The only thing you can do is to turn on the lights.

When you do, the music will turn into a jolly one and a cute monster responsible for the shadow will appear. You can then interact with the monster: tap to poke his head, smear to tickle its belly, or swipe in four cardinal directions to play peek-a-boo.

The app has 10 monsters that you can play with, each with a unique personality, reactions, and voices. Simply turn off the lights to switch to the next monster. Now instead of covering your eyes or running away in fear, you will curious to know who’s behind the dark shadows.

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Parents Need to Know

Duckie Deck Monsters is a fun digital toy app for juniors ages 2+, which illustrates the contrasting differences between dark and light. I’d also argue that it will help them to overcome the fear of the dark by replacing it with a curiosity to find out who/what is making the shadow.

Granted, it’s hard to guess what constitutes the shadow when you’re playing the app for the first time. But once you have met all the monsters in the app, you can turn it into a fun guessing game with your juniors. You can even take it further by inviting them to create their own shadow puppets.

The cloud monster is my favorite. Try poking on his face.

Things I Like

Creating cute and cuddly monsters that toddlers can like is not an easy task. One must know how to combine shapes, colors, noises, and movements. Duckie Deck Monsters is able to deliver 10 great characters, each with its own unique personality.

My favorite monster is the cloud monster. I think it has a cute appearance, and it will make a kissing sound if you poke its face. Hit me up on Twitter and let me know which monster is your family’s favorite.

The app uses visual hints, instead of text instructions, to show how to interact with the monsters.


Duckie Deck Monster is a fun app for juniors ages 2+ to overcome their fears of dark shadows. It encourages them to imagine friendly objects, instead of scary ones, that may be responsible for the shape. I believe it has successfully switched fear into curiosity, and provided a gateway to introduce kids to shadow puppets.

Duckie Deck Monsters is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.

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