Play 15 Fun Games in Nursery Games for Toddlers

There are mostly two major approaches for non-storybook apps for kids. The first approach is focusing on a single theme, such as letters, numbers, drawing, etc. The second one is combining a set of activities (mini games) without a specific goal. With the second approach, juniors can play and have fun, while discovering new things within the app.

My app pick for today is a collection of 15 mini games for preschoolers. It's called Nursery Games - Fun for Toddlers. It's a lot of fun to play, and great for juniors to learn new things too.

Find which food each animal loves to eat.

The Games

When you start the game, you will see a menu screen consists of several game icons. If you drag the screen upwards, you will see another set of game icons, comprising a total of 15 games.

The games consists of the usual suspects: memory pair card game, organising by colors, and matching by patterns. You will also find other familiar games, such as connect the dots and jigsaw puzzles.

When you complete a game, it will refresh with a new setting, allowing you to have a different experience. This prevents juniors from getting bored rather easily. If you want to try the other games, tap on the Home button to return to the menu screen.

The app also includes simple games, such as spotting an object and identifying it based on its shadow. While there are other more complex games, juniors can also enjoy playing with endless relaxing games. For example, they can drag a flower around to capture water drops endlessly, or pop the endless floating bubbles.

Construct complex objects from basic 2D shapes.

Parents Need to Know

Nursery Games is a great way for juniors ages 2+ to improve their object recognition and association skills. For example, juniors can play with the game where they need to match animals with their sounds.

They can also play with a puzzle game where four illustrations are stacked on top of each other and cut into tiles. Then, the game will shuffle the order of each tile stack before displaying as a puzzle. Tapping on a tile will toggle it to show the next tile on that stack. Your task is to find a combination of tiles that would form the full-sized illustration.

There is also one puzzle that might be a bit challenging for juniors to complete on their own, i.e. the slider puzzles. I consider them to be more difficult than jigsaw puzzles. Fortunately, the ones included here consist of nine tiles only.

Prepare a custom burger meal according the order.

Things I Like

The first game that I appreciate is the one where juniors try to feed the animals with their favorite food. For example, rabbits enjoy carrots, whereas horses enjoy haystacks. There is always something new that juniors can learn from the ways different animals eat.

The next two games that I enjoy are preparing a burger and constructing complex objects using basic 2D shapes. The burger game is a great way for juniors to learn that people may have different ways of how they like their burgers to be served. On the other hand, the shapes game is an excellent way to illustrate to juniors how basic 2D shapes can construct complex objects.

Identify objects based on their shadows.


Nursery Games - Fun for Toddlers is a collection of fun mini games suitable for juniors ages 2+. It covers the usual suspects (jigsaw puzzles, connect the dots, etc.), the simple games, and the more complex ones. Each game also has good potential for learning, a perfect fit for parents who are looking activity apps for their juniors.

Nursery Games - Fun for Toddlers is available for iPhone/iPad
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