Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo Delivers Peaceful Math Games for Kids

Based on our observation, animals make a great learning companion for kids. Hence the great number of apps that incorporate animals into their theme. Recently, we found another animal-themed app that is quite unique: Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo.

Developed by husband-and-wife team One Monk Clapping, the app aims to help kids build foundation math skills. By playing the 12 beautiful mini games, kids learn to count, add, subtract, recognize shapes, and compare measurements, just to name a few. Additionally, they can also learn a bit about animals and their habitats.

Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo helps kids learn basic math skills through 12 fun games

A Peaceful Zoo

Despite the rather lengthy name, Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo is actually a simple app. Opening the app for the first time, kids will be greeted with a panoramic view which can be swiped left or right to reveal several banners. A narrator gently encourages kids to tap on a banner, which will take them to a mini game.

Once a game is selected, kids will see a 3D animated scene where they must perform simple tasks, such as counting the number of animals on screen, solving simple addition or subtraction problems, matching animal pairs, and many more. Both written and verbal instructions are provided in the games, as well as plenty of positive encouragements and animated reward screens to keep kids motivated.

It is notable that each game may be played endlessly. When kids successfully complete a task, the app will simply move on to a new task. It is possible to skip any task or to exit the game anytime by tapping on the Menu button at the bottom left of the screen.

The games in the app are divided into three areas: Farm Games, Forest Games, and Asia Games. Each area features lush landscapes which hide additional interactivity. Many of the scenes, for example, allow kids to pan 360 degrees to see more of the landscape. Additionally, kids may also tap on the objects in the background, such as the trees or buildings, to learn more about them.

In addition to math skills, kids can learn about animals

The Games

As mentioned previously, the app has a total of 12 games. Here is a quick description for each of them.

Farm Games
The farm games are set -- you guessed it -- in a farm. A quick pan around the scene reveals a big red barn, a well, a corn field, and a waterfall in the distance.

  1. Counting (free). A simple counting game where kids are asked to count the animals on the screen. They can tap on each animal to count one by one, or directly tap on the correct number from the selection of multiple choice answers.
  2. Who is Missing. A group of animals is lining up in a pattern, but one is missing. Kids must choose the correct animal to complete the pattern.
  3. Which Group is Bigger. Two groups of animals are on the field. Kids must choose the one with more animals.
  4. Who Am I. A mixed group of animals are shown on the screen, and kids must select a specific animal as instructed.

Forest Games Set in a lush forest, here kids can find a small stream, food tents, and abandoned medieval buildings.

  1. Addition (free). Two groups of forest animals have come out to play, and kids must count how many animals are there in total. They can tap on each animal to count one by one, or select the correct number from the selection of answers.
  2. Subtraction. A game similar to Addition, only this time one group of animals is leaving. Kids must then count how many animals are left.
  3. Missing Number. A group of animals with numbers on them are lined up from smallest to largest, however one number is missing. Kids must select the missing number from the selection of answers.
  4. Animal Match. A group of different animals appear in the forest, and kids are asked to match them two by two.

Asia Games The games in this area are set in Japanese landscapes. A pagoda or a torii can be seen in these landscapes. It is notable that the landscapes in this area cannot be panned 360 degrees.

  1. Hide And Seek. A simple memory game in which a small number of animals appear for several seconds before they are covered with curtains. Kids must then point out which curtains have animals hidden behind them.
  2. Shape Ninja. A Fruit Ninja-style game located on a mountain peak. Colorful shapes are tossed in the air, and kids must swipe the correct shape as instructed.
  3. What Shape Am I. The shop vendor has several shapes to choose from, and kids must select the correct one by name.
  4. Balance the Seesaw. A game that challenges kids to balance the number of animals on the seesaw.

The games are set in beautiful, 3D rendered landscapes

Parents Need to Know

The app is free to download. One game in each area is available for free, and if you like the app you can choose to unlock any area for $1.99 or all three areas for $3.99.

It is worth noting that while the app contains in-app purchase, it employs a security measure to ensure that little ones do not accidentally unlock the game on their own. This involves answering a multiplication problem that is above the level of skills required in the games.

The app does not contain advertisements.

Kids learn about shapes in this Fruit Ninja-style game

Things I Like

What makes the app a joy to play is the little details. For example, I like how the animals always follow you as you pan the screen. You can also tap on each animal to hear the sounds they make, and flick any object to see them do a flip in the air.

The games themselves are fun, engaging, and educational for preschoolers. A wide range of topic is covered in the games, which means there is a lot to explore before the kids get bored. My favorite game is Hide and Seek, although I must say Shape Ninja is also fun.

One thing I do feel a bit off is the Balance the Seesaw game. I found that the seesaw doesn’t really balance -- it always seems heavier on the left -- even when the problem is solved. I would like to see this bit fixed, as well as further improvements in the animation department to make the game even more enjoyable.

Balance the animals on the seesaw


While it is fairly simple, Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo is well made. The 3D graphics are lovely, and the richly rendered landscapes provide a sense of peace. The games cover a wide range of topics to build foundation math skills, and more. The fact that you can get as many as 12 different games in one app means there is plenty of variety to keep young kids entertained. I would recommend it for kids ages 3–6.

Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.

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