Shiny Circus Gets Kids Learning About Measurements

We are fans of apps developed by Shiny Things, such as their Quick Math series and their Shiny Kids apps. Today, I want to highlight their brand new app called Shiny Circus. As you might guess, it's an app filled with a fun storyline and a great collection of mini games.

Kids learn about measurement in Shiny Circus

The Storyline

Shiny Kids apps are unique in that each app has its own storyline, which provides an overall theme to the collection of mini games. These stories are quite simple for kids ages 5+ to read on their own, especially considering there is only one sentence per page. However, you may also opt to have the story narrated.

Similar to the other Shiny Kids apps, Shiny Circus revolves around the same group of friends: Charlie the Monkey, Alice the Zebra, and Ralph the Giraffe. This time, they are going to a Circus.

While Alice and Ralph are getting popcorns for the show, Charlie explores the backstage on his own. There, he finds the clowns are getting ready for the show. And, they need Charlie's help to get dressed.

As their way of saying thank you, the clowns invite Charlie to join the show. He gets to play with silly activities such as making the clowns shorter/taller and dragging the cars longer/shorter.

When the time comes for Charlie's solo performance, he does a great job bouncing up and down the stairs. He also volunteers to be catapulted to knock down the tower of clowns.

Finally, as the last attraction of the night, Charlie rides a unicycle. To help with his balance, he needs to have two buckets of the same weight on both sides of his long balancing stick.

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The Mini Games

You can access the games as parts of the storyline or as standalone games directly from the main menu. In total, there are four games that you can access as standalone games, and one additional game as a part of the storyline.

In the Dress-Up game, players are asked to help the clowns put on the correct outfits based on the specification. For example, players may be asked to choose the smallest pants, the shirt with the fewest spots, or the largest hat from the three options.

The next game requires players create staircases to help Charlie bounce up or down. Simply tap and drag the columns in an ascending or descending order to create the staircases.

Players who are familiar with Angry Birds games will feel at home with the third game. With Charlie in the slingshot, players are asked to project the catapult to knock the clown towers.

Then, in the last game, players are asked to help balance Charlie on his unicycle. Because Charlie is using a balancing stick with one side of the bucket already filled, players need to estimate and put the correct number and types of objects to match the weight.

Help the clowns pick the right outfits

Parents Need to Know

Based on the mini games, Shiny Circus is suitable for juniors ages 4-6 who are starting to learn about measurements and data. The games are designed to fit Common Core Standards and NSW Syllabus for Kindergarten and Grade 1.

The games are designed to let juniors learn about measurements by comparing length, width, area, distance, and mass. They learn how to quantify using everyday language, such as big or small, tall or short, most or fewest, and same or different.

Kids also learn to sort

Things I Like

The games are not just about measuring and counting. Instead, players are asked to use that information to sort, estimate, and experiment to solve the challenges. The games are also a part of a bigger story, which inspired me to create games out of our everyday activities.

For examples, we can challenge our juniors to sort three different apples/oranges based on their sizes when we visit the grocery stores. We can also challenge them to estimate the number of steps it will take to cross of an aisle. This will teach them how to estimate and to count.

Help Charlie balance his unicycle by filling the empty basket with enough items


Shiny Circus offers a fun way to learn about different types of measurements: length, height, width, area, distance, and mass. Juniors are encouraged to compare, sort, and match objects based on selected aspects using their counting skills and a bit of estimation. It's a great addition to the Shiny Kids apps collection, which lets juniors learn about shapes, counting, fractions, and even sharing with others.

Shiny Circus is available for iPhone/iPad
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