Kids Explore in Monki Hide & Seek: Fun with Animals

One of my boys’ favorite games at home is hide and seek. They play it all the time, so I thought if they would appreciate my app pick for today: Monki Hide & Seek: Fun with Animals. It’s a fun little game where juniors play hide and seek with Lisa the kitten and her friends.

Find the animals hiding in the forest in Monki Hide & Seek: Fun with Animals

Zoom, Drag, and Listen

Juniors start the game by playing hide and seek in a forest. As Lisa and three of her friends run and hide, players zoom in and drag the screen to find where they are.

The game asks players to find the animals based on the order of the avatars. A narrator guides players to focus on an animal at a time by saying, "Where is the ?"

If the players cannot find an animal, it will start making sounds. The narrator will provide an auditory hint, saying "Listen, it’s . It’s behind the bush."

Depending on where the animal is hiding, the hint may say "on the tree", "between the rocks", or "inside the cave" instead. When the players tap on an animal other than the one they’re searching for, the narrator will say, "No, no, no! That’s not . It’s ."

The game offers three landscapes for playing: a forest, snow-covered forest, and desert. Players unlock new landscapes by finishing the current ones. The game difficulty increases with the next landscapes as the maps get larger and the number of animals increase to six.

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Parents Need to Know

Monti Hide & Seek is intuitive to play, even for juniors ages 1+. If juniors listen to the hints, they will learn about new vocabularies. For example, they can learn about prepositions: on, inside, between, behind, and next to.

Juniors also learn about colors and objects contextual to each landscape. For example, the narrator may refer to objects such as hut and cave. In the third landscape, juniors may encounter specific hints such as “inside the blue tent” and “next to the yellow house”.

Kids can explore different landscapes, including a snowy forest

Things I Like

Even though the gameplay is relatively simple, the game is far from boring. The developers put a nice twist by changing where the animals hide each time the you find an animal, and whenever you replay a landscape.

The developers also allow players to pick apples, pears, and pinecones as they explore the landscapes. The narrator will count from 1 to 9 as you pick these objects. This allows younger juniors to learn the basics of counting too.

New landscapes bring bigger maps and more animals to find


Monki Hide & Seek: Fun with Animals is a fun little app for playing hide and seek on the iPad. The landscapes are beautifully illustrated. The gameplay is intuitive that even juniors ages 1+ can play on their own. As a nice bonus, the game also exposes juniors to new vocabularies and some basic prepositions.

Monki Hide & Seek is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.

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