The UnStealer is an Undoubtedly Amusing Story

Ever felt like you’re unhappy or unfunny, undecided or unconfident? Perhaps you need a visit from the UnStealer, the titular character of our app choice for today.

Meet the UnStealer. He steals and collects ‘uns’.

An Unlikely Hero

Created by husband-wife team Joshua and Donna Wilson, The UnStealer is an interactive story about an unlikely figure with good intentions. Known only as the UnStealer, the mysterious man steals and collects all kinds of ‘uns’: big or small, black and white or in color, bold or italicized, uppercase or lowercase.

Whenever there’s a negative word around, the UnStealer is sure to swing by. First, he crashes Melody Singsong’s birthday party, and turns the unhappy and unfunny clown’s performance into a big success. Next, he helps the undecided and unconfident Miss Garmentina pick a cute outfit for her date. Finally, he steals Chomper the unfriendly dog’s urge to be rude to everyone and transforms him into a loyal companion!

Quirky and humorous, The UnStealer features fun rhymes and word play suitable for kids ages 4–12. The 18-page book comes with bright, colorful illustrations that reveal silly animations at the touch of a finger. Narration is also available, although it is turned off by default and only played when you tap on the first word of each paragraph.

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Parents Need to Know

The UnStealer is easy to navigate: simply tap anywhere on the left or right side of the screen to move between pages. Once you’re in the story, you can go back to the main screen anytime by tapping on the bottom part of the screen and then on the home icon.

If you want to jump to a specific page in the book, there is a special section accessible from the main screen which lets you tap on the page’s thumbnail to go there. There is also a straightforward help section which explains how to navigate the app should you need it.

The app is safe for children, and doesn’t contain any ads or in-app purchases.

Lazoo the Clown is no longer unhappy and unfunny after the UnStealer takes away his ‘uns’

Things I Like

The UnStealer is an unconventional story filled with positive messages, despite containing so many negative adjectives. It teaches kids that while bad feelings are inevitable, they can turn these feelings into positive thoughts.

Kids and adults alike will appreciate the author’s wonderful sense of humor and clever use of word play. On the credits page the authors even humorously describe themselves as “untalented” and “unlucky in love” until the UnStealer comes to give them a happy ending.

Another thing to like about the app is its colorful, collage-style graphics and story-driven animations that add to the overall reading experience. I would say that the audio quality of the narration could be better, but it’s not exactly a deal breaker.

The story is filled with clever rhymes and word play


The UnStealer is unquestionably one of the more interesting stories I’ve come across this year. It’s unceasingly amusing, and filled with fun rhymes and word plays as well as positive messages that resonate among kids and adults alike. Undoubtedly a winner in my book.

The UnStealer is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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