My First App - Vol.3 Airport is the Perfect App for Your Next Family Vacation

My kids love to fly. Unfortunately, it’s not an activity that they get to do often. That’s why I was excited when I found out about My First App - Vol. 3 Airport.

The app offers mini games with illustrations and animations representing activities on the airport. The games are simple enough for two-year-olds to play on their own.

Learn how to be a good passenger in My First App Vol.3 - Airplane.

The Games

The first game is a jigsaw puzzle. Players can choose to play one of eight illustrations with 2, 4, 6, or 9 pieces. They can even have the app randomize each piece’s orientation. If so, you need to pinch and rotate the pieces to fit into the puzzle.

The second game uses the same set of illustrations, but for sliding puzzles instead. Here, juniors match two halves of an illustration. Once matched, the app will show a short animation of a scene that typically happens at an airport. For example, players can see how an airplane takes off, lands, and park.

In the third game, players try to send silver marbles into the holes shown in the illustration by dragging or tilting the iPad. The illustration acts as the starting scene of a story, and each time a marble enters the hole a short animation shows what happens next.

The animation also shows activities that typically happens at an airport. For example, players can see an officer scanning passengers and their luggages. They can also see the process of checking in and picking up the luggages.

The final activity is a game of identifying four differences between two side-by-side illustrations. Players can tap either one of the illustrations, and the app will adjust accordingly.

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Parents Need to Know

My First App - Vol. 3 Airport is suitable for a wide range of age. It is simple enough for kids ages 2+ to play on their own, but still engaging for older kids. I found that the 9-piece rotating jigsaw puzzles were quite challenging for my four-year-old.

More than entertaining, the app is also informative. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes activities that you can discuss with your juniors. For example, they can learn about the airplane cleaning process, which may sometimes involve a snow blower. Another good example is how to be a good passenger in storing the luggages and using the lavatory.

The jigsaw puzzles have difficulty settings, suitable for juniors ages 2—5.

Things I Like

My First App - Vol. 3 Airport reminded my sons of their last vacation. While they have visited the airport many times to drop off or pick me up from my travels, they don’t get to fly that often. The app is a great way for them to learn about the processes they have to go through when they travel.

I like how the app places learning as a reward to playing the games, which is quite the opposite of the typical approach. Usually, other apps would design playing as a reward to learning. But in this app, juniors get to learn about a specific process at the airport after solving a challenge.

Slide and find the matching tiles. Watch the animation and learn about the stories behind each successful flight.


My First App - Vol.3 Airport is a fun way for juniors ages 2+ to play and learn about the activities at an airport. It’s a great way to prepare them for their next vacation. For an even better experience, play with them the next time you’re waiting to board an airplane.

If you like this app, you should take a look at their previous volumes which focus on vehicles and circus.

My First App - Vol.3 Airport is available for iPhone/iPad
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