Learn Geometry by Solving Tangram Puzzles in Shape Arts: Geometry Creations

Many consider math a difficult subject to master. Geometry, being part of math, is no exception. Many developers have offered different approaches to learning geometry, but I believe learning is best when done through play.

That’s what my app pick for today tries to do. Called Shape Arts: Geometry Creations, the app offers a fun experience playing tangram puzzles.

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations helps kids learn geometry by solving tangram puzzles

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations

The app groups its selection of tangram puzzles into five categories: popular, new, people, creatures, and easy. Simply browse through the categories and tap to play the puzzle you like.

To solve a puzzle, players need to arrange the tangram pieces to fit the silhouette. They can drag, rotate, and arrange the pieces to construct the puzzle. Once a puzzle is solved, players can continue to play the next random puzzle or create their own.

Most of the puzzles are not easy, especially because you cannot resize the pieces. Players need to understand how rotation works to imagine the different possibilities.

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Parents Need to Know

Even though the suggested age range for this app is 7+, I’d argue that juniors ages 5+ can already enjoy it. The tangram puzzle is a great way to understand the properties and relationships of 2D shapes, as juniors need to understand how symmetry and rotation works to solve the puzzles.

As Shape Artists, juniors can also use the app to explore their creativity by designing their own puzzles. The app stores the puzzles locally, and only uploads them when there’s an internet connection. Then, the developers will determine whether to include them into the master directory of new puzzles or not. If they do, other players will be able to download and play with the puzzles when they’re connected to the internet.

You can also design your own puzzles and share them with other players

Things I Like

I like the way the app approaches learning through gameplay. It lets juniors explore different shapes by interacting and experimenting with them. The tangram puzzles help them improve their problem solving and spatial reasoning skills.

My four-year-old loves Shape Arts. He cannot stop playing it over the past two weeks. He also loves creating his own puzzles. If your juniors share his love for tangram puzzles, you might want to check this website for puzzle ideas.

You can play the built-in puzzles or download the ones created from other players around the world


Shape Arts: Geometry Creations is a great app for juniors ages 5+ to learn about 2D shapes and spatial reasoning. Juniors will have fun solving and creating their own tangram puzzles. It’s a great tool for young Shape Artists to improve their creativity and problem solving skills.

Shape Arts: Geometry Creations is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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