Wake Up Mo! It's Time for School!

A few months ago, I reviewed a lovely bedtime storybook called Goodnight Mo, which features a cute little monster getting ready for bed. The app's soothing background music, gentle narration, and relatable storyline makes it the best bedtime storybook for ages 1+.

Today, the sequel to Goodnight Mo was released. It's called Wake Up Mo!, and as you might expect the storyline revolves around Mo performing his morning routines.

Wake Up Mo! picks up where Goodnight Mo left.

Wake Up Everyone and Get Ready for School!

The story picks up where Goodnight Mo left us last: in Mo's bedroom where he is soundly asleep alongside his teddy bear and puss. The sun is up, and the sky is blue. It's time to wake everyone and get Mo ready for school.

The storyline highlights Mo's morning routines, from the time he wakes up until he's ready for school. Mo stretches up, eats his breakfast, and gets dressed for school. Then he freshens up, packs his school bag, and gives his friends a goodbye hug before he goes to school.

Every activity is easily relatable for early preschoolers with similar routines. In Mo's house you will find common household objects such as an alarm clock, radio, and toaster. Even the contents of Mo's schoolbag are probably similar to your child's: a lunch box, a bottled drink, a notebook, and a pencil case.

Having a healthy breakfast is one of Mo's morning routines.

Parents Need to Know

The 3D pop-up book comprises eight interactive pages. You can tap the objects on each page to see little animations, for example the alarm clock to hear it ring or the window to open the curtains and let the sunlight in.

When you have found all the interactive objects, the navigation button will blink to indicate that you should continue to the next page. You can also choose to skip the interactive parts altogether and focus on the reading.

Similar to Goodnight Mo, you can choose to have the story read to you or read the story by yourself. If you choose the Read to Me mode, the text narrative will be hidden once the narrator finishes reading. You need to tap the speech bubble to bring the text back.

The narrative is simple and suitable for early readers ages 4+. It's available in four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish.

Never forget to brush your teeth and freshen up too.

Things I Like

Although Wake Up Mo! is set in the morning, it makes the perfect bedtime story for my preschoolers. My four-year-old is currently in that stage where he constantly asks what is going to happen later in the day (and tomorrow morning, and so on), so this book helps give him an overview of his next morning.

I also appreciate little details put into the book. If you pay attention to the clock shown throughout the book, you will see a progress in time. For example, Mo wakes up at 6.45, has his breakfast at 7, and then gets dressed at 7.30. After 15 minutes, he brushes his teeth and combs his hair. At 8.05, he packs his bag and waits for the school bus to pick him up at exactly 8.15. Even if the timeline doesn't exactly match your junior's, it will help to raise the awareness of time.

Mo never leaves the house without giving a goodbye hug to everyone first.


Wake Up Mo! is a nice sequel to Goodnight Mo. This lovely pop-up book helps preschoolers be acquainted with the activities done in the morning such as waking up and getting ready for school. It also makes a great bedtime story.

App was provided for our honest review.

Wake Up Mo! is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

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