12 New Christmas Games for Preschoolers to Play in Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents

Hidden inside each Christmas present is a fun mini game for kids ages 2+ to play.

I had a great Christmas season this year. Both my sons got a chance to give presents to other toddlers in our small group. They watched how happy someone can be when they opened their presents.

That’s why I’d like to share Slim Cricket’s latest app called Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents. In it two little crickets open the stack of presents under the Christmas tree, which contain fun Christmas games for preschoolers to play throughout the year.

Play the Games Hidden inside the Christmas Gifts

The app includes 12 different mini games in total. Each time you tap a Christmas gift, a new game will pop up. You can also tap on the small red icon on the top left corner to display all the games, and pick the one you’d like to play.

The games use a mix of old and new mechanics. Some games will be familiar, such as the whack-a-snowman game or the Christmas tree jigsaw puzzle. Other games are more original; in one game, for example, you take a funny selfie with a wacky camera.

In other games, you may be required to piece together a cricket character based on a model, or spin the knob on a toy car to get it to its maximum speed. There’s also a coloring game where you use the labeled crayons to color the matching segments in a picture of Santa.

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Parents Need to Know

The mini games in the app are suitable for kids ages two and up. They’re helpful with reflex training, object identification, object association, and audio/visual memory. For example, there is a game where you need to memorize a song on a toy piano.

There are also games that utilize the iPad’s microphone and accelerator. You can blow into the microphone to create soap bubbles, and tilt your iPad to steer a snow sled.

If your kids really love the games, you can download a couple of coloring sheets from the developer’s website.

If you're familiar with color-by-number activity, Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents offers a color-by-letter activity instead.

Things I Like

Despite the app name and the fact that all the games are wrapped inside Christmas gifts, the mini games themselves are playable without the Christmas context. They’re good for the entire year — not just for this holiday season.

My favorite games are the maze and the beaded necklace. In the first game, kids can play with a navigation controller to lead the robot out of a maze. This teaches them to use a controller and associate the arrows with the actual movements. In the latter game, kids learn to recognize patterns and sequences to create a beaded necklace with a specific pattern.

Kids can also learn how to build a sequence based on a specified pattern.


The games in Cricket Kids: Christmas Presents are suitable for kids ages two and up. They’re especially useful to train reflexes and basic skills such as object identification, object association, and audio/visual memory. The games are playable throughout the year, making the app a great gift for your kids even when the Christmas season has passed.

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App was provided for our honest review.