Pango Zoo Opens Its Doors to Animal-Loving Toddlers

Help Pango the blue raccoon take care of the animals in Pango Zoo

If your kids love animals, they’ll likely enjoy a trip to the zoo. There’s nothing like seeing the animals up close, but in cases of rainy weekends or sick days it’s not bad to have a digital zoo you can carry around on your tablet.

And thus, today we’d like to recommend Pango Zoo. The latest release from Studio Pango, it’s an animated playground offering various animal-themed mini games.

Welcome to the Zoo

Kids begin by choosing from five adventures, which are represented by various animals you might find in a zoo. Each adventure contains three to four connecting mini games.

In the first adventure, kids help Pango the raccoon and Fox keep the zoo in order. They’ll clean up after the hippo, put the monkeys to bed, and paint the spots on the cheetah, amongst other.

In the second adventure, kids wake a tiger from his sleep. They then feed him and brush his teeth.

In the third adventure, they take care of a sick zebra. They’ll listen to his heartbeat, put back the messed up pattern on his body, and give him a flu shot.

In the fourth adventure, they help Pango and Squirrel find the missing elephant and bathe him. They also get to ride on his back as he flies away.

In the fifth adventure, kids help pull out three penguins whose heads are stuck in the snow. They then feed them some fish, and build an ice slide for them to play with.

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Parents Need to Know

While not strictly educational, Pango Zoo includes a couple of thinking games. In the penguin games, for example, kids must assemble several ice blocks to form a slide. Additionally, the app encourages good hygiene by asking kids to brush the tiger’s teeth after feeding it.

All the games are simple enough for kids ages five and under. There is neither text nor audio narration in the app. The user interface requires a little exploration, but is hardly complex.

The app doesn’t contain third-party ads and in-app purchases. However, it does include secured links to the developer’s other apps.

The app includes several mini games from curing sick animals to cleaning up the enclosure

Things I Like

Pango Zoo is one of those apps you can easily pick up and play any time. Since the games are short and simple, they’re perfect for keeping your kids busy while you run a quick errand or while waiting at the checkout line.

Like the other Pango apps that we’ve reviewed, Pango Zoo has lively, humorous animations that appeal to kids. The characters are also cute and expressive.

One thing what would make the app more fun is random elements that keep the mini games slightly different each time. It would give the app higher replay value.

While not strictly educational, some games require problem-solving skills


An adorable app that offers a suite of playful mini games for animal-loving toddlers. The text-free gameplay makes it accessible by non-readers. Great for entertaining kids during sick days, car rides, or any time they need cheering up.

Pango Zoo is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.