Play Ball with the Peanuts Gang in Snoopy’s All Star Football

Charlie Brown and Snoopy have an idea to play football

Developer Cupcake Digital has made interactive book apps for many of our favorite cartoons, including Wow! Wow! Wubbzy and Strawberry Shortcake. More recently, they partnered with PEANUTS Worldwide to bring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang to the iPad. The result is Snoopy’s All Star Football, a brand new story “filled with football, friends, and of course Snoopy!”

Let’s Go Team! Let’s Go!

On a Sunday, the Peanuts gang get together for a football match. It’s girls versus boys, and Charlie Brown and Snoopy have a tough time finding enough boys to complete their team. Fortunately, a mysterious new kid appear in the nick of time. It’s then time for a play-off.

Although the story is new, Snoopy’s All Star Football features familiar characters from the beloved series by Charles M. Schulz. It’s also set to the jazzy piano soundtrack that is typical of the TV series.

Unlike most Cupcake Digital apps, the app features static illustration. But, it includes a football game where you play for Charlie Brown’s team.

The football game comprises 20 levels. The goal in each level is to successfully pass the ball and perform a touchdown. Using your finger, you drag and aim the ball to the designated spots. One of your team’s player will run to the spot to catch it, and attempt to get to the goal before they are tackled by the defending team.

The challenge lies in choosing the right spot for your pass. It is advised that you pick the spot marked with a star. The game grows more challenging as you complete each level — the defense will get harder to breach, and sometimes more than one pass is required. At the end of each level, you’ll receive stars based on your performance.

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Parents Need to Know

Text and highlighting and professional narration makes the app accessible for young readers. Older kids can opt to read by themselves and tap on words if they need help. They can also jump to any specific page they like by tapping on the Pause button.

The app doesn’t contain ads and in-app purchases. All links are protected in a special section for parents.

It's girls vs boys in the story

Things I Like

Snoopy’s All Star Football is a charming story that will delight longtime fans and introduce the beloved comic series to a new generation. The story cleverly showcases each member of the Peanuts gang and their relationship with each other through the story. Classic gags are present, as well as Charlie Brown’s trademark “good grief” catchphrase.

One thing I felt missing was the interaction that I’ve come to associate with Cupcake Digital apps. It would be nice if we could touch the characters and objects on screen to see some animation.

That aside, the football game makes for an entertaining activity. I like that the challenges are progressive like a real football game, where the defense gets better as you go through the levels. Even for kids who are indifferent to the sport, the game is also a great way to practice their aim

Play football with Charlie Brown and the gang


Based on the beloved comic series, Snoopy’s All Star Football is a charming, all-new story filled with (American) football and friendship. Text highlighting and narration makes the story accessible for younger readers, while older kids can opt to read by themselves. A fun football game lets kids play on Charlie Brown’s all-star team while practicing their aim.

Snoopy’s All Star Football is available for iPhone/iPad
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