Kids Explore an Enchanted World in Sago Mini Fairy Tales

Explore an enchanted forest and befriend magical characters in Sago Sago's newest app

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better gift to give a Sago Mini fan than a new app? Released on Christmas day, Sago Mini Fairy Tales is Sago Mini’s latest adventure that explores an enchanted forest filled with fairy tale characters.

Once Upon a Time

Fairy Tales begins outside a small pink hut where Jinja the cat fairy lives. Knock on her door and she’ll come flying out, ready to explore. You can guide her around the forest by dragging or by tapping anywhere on the screen.

As Jinja flies around the screen, you’ll also discover many silly surprises. These include a fire-breathing baby dragon, a trunk full of medieval costumes to change into, a giant beanstalk that doubles as a slide, musical gnomes, and other Sago Mini characters dressed up as famous fairy tale characters. You’ll also be able to find secret doors, enchanted trees, and friendly fireflies.

There are more than 30 fun animations to discover. Most of them are indicated by yellow dots that appear as Jinja flies near, but there are several you must find on your own. Several animations also play slightly differently the second time, giving you an incentive to come back to the app.

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Parents Need to Know

As with other Sago Mini apps, Fairy Tales emphasizes on creative exploration. The non-linear gameplay allows kids to play the activities in any order and even skip the ones they don’t like altogether. They also get to make up their own tales in lieu of a fixed narrative.

The app is toddler-centric and best used with kids ages 2–4. A letter from the designer discloses the concept behind the app and suggests topics to discuss with your child.

The app doesn’t have ads and in-app purchases.

Various Sago Mini characters appear in the app, dressed up as famous fairy tale characters

Things I Like

Sago Mini apps are always magical, but Fairy Tales takes it further by literally putting in magical creatures in the gameplay. As kids explore the forest, they’ll meet with familiar fairy tale characters from Robin Hood to Rapunzel, from dragons to trolls. They’ll also find magical objects such as a giant beanstalk and a gingerbread house.

The vibrant graphics highlight the fairy tale theme wonderfully. There’s lots of delightful details to discover in addition to the activities marked with yellow dots. For example, you’ll find fireflies that swarm around Jinja, colorful insects that pop out of hollow tree trunks as you fly past them, and a moon that sparkles when you touch it. These are all elements that create a sense of wonder and contribute to an imaginative story.

Discover more than 30 silly animations as you explore the forest


Sago Mini’s newest exploration app takes kids into a magical forest. They’ll unearth more than 30 mini activities and befriend fairy tale characters from Rapunzel to Humpty Dumpty. The lack of narrative means kids may spin their own tales about their silly encounters. Recommended for toddlers.

Sago Mini Fairy Tales is available for iPhone/iPad
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