Kids Learn about Love and Friendship in Elmo Loves You!

What does Elmo love? Find out in the new 3D pop-up book app

Everybody out there loves something, whether it’s another person, an animal, or an object. But what do the characters in Sesame Street love? Kids can find out in StoryToys’ newest interactive book, Elmo Loves You!, based on Sesame Street’s best-selling storybook. Sesame Street fans will be pleased to find cameos by their favorite characters, but every child can enjoy this adorable story about love and friendship.

The book explores how everybody, people and animals included, loves something

What Do You Love?

Elmo Loves You! features a rhyming prose narrated by Elmo, about how everybody loves something. For example, babies love music, pigs love to roll in mud, Bert loves pigeons, and Abby and Grover love the library. Throughout the book, Elmo periodically reminds the reader that “Elmo loves you!” He then concludes the poem by asking if the reader would be his friend and if he could have a kiss.

Like all of StoryToys’ 3D pop-up books, the app features interactive scenes that jump out as you turn the page. You can tilt the device to reveal more of the scene. You can also tap on the objects on the page to interact with them or listen to what the characters have to say.

The controls are straightforward, with left and right arrows indicating page navigation. You can also swipe to turn the page, or jump to any page you like using the book

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Parents Need to Know

Featuring a universal theme and simple rhymes, the app is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. It comes with two reading modes, Read with Elmo and Read it Myself, to cater to different reading levels. The narrated reading mode includes a word highlighting feature.

While not necessarily an educational app, there are some instances where kids may pick up basic skills. They’ll learn to count up to eight with Count van Count, for example. Parents can also use the app to discuss with their kids about the things they love, and how to appreciate the people who love them.

The app contains a gated section for parents, which contains settings for toggling on or off word highlighting, store links, and update messages. It also provides reading tips as well as links to several Sesame Street videos on YouTube.

The app does not contain third-party ads and in-app purchases.

Learn to count with Count van Count

Things I Like

Elmo Loves You! is delightful in book form but the app version adds more charm by incorporating digital magic. First of all, the same illustrations are more lively in 3D pop-up form. Being able to interact with them is a plus; for example, you can play with Ernie’s drum set and exercise with Cookie Monster.

Another factor that contributes to the great design is the original music and character voices from the TV show. Kids can tap several times on Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, and others to listen to what they have to say. Elmo’s adorable narration, combined with text highlighting, is sure to engage early readers.

Tap the drums to play with Ernie


Elmo Loves You! is an interactive book that explores the various forms of love a child might see around him. Based on Sesame Street’s best-selling book, the app includes the same story and illustration but adds playful interaction. It also features real character voices, including Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Count von Count. Suitable for kids ages 5 and under.

Elmo Loves You! is available for iPhone/iPad
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