Help Senda and the Berry Elf to Save the Forest Fairy


Senda’s new adventure sees her and Daniel meeting a friendly Berry Elf who guards the Forest Fairy while she’s sick.

A couple of months ago, I reviewed a beautiful bedtime story called Senda and the Glutton Dragon. It stars a young girl named Senda, who saves a Princess from the Glutton Dragon. As they read, kids imagine themselves as characters of the story and learn more about healthy meals that will eventually save the Princess.

Today, I’d like to highlight Senda’s next adventure. This time, Senda and the Berry Elf try to save the Forest Fairy who’s been hurt from the garbage and pollution in the forest.

Clean Up, Recycle, and Fight the Garbage Monster

The storyline starts on an autumn day when Senda remembered her previous encounter with the Berry Elf. That day, she went on an adventure with Daniel to a magical world. It was a beautiful world where they met different kinds of animals by the river.

When they entered the forest, they encountered a berry field and went berry picking. As they went further into the forest, they found a huge tree where the Forest Fairy lived. When they knocked on the door, a Berry Elf showed up. He told them that the Forest Fairy was sick because of the garbage and pollution in the forest.

Senda and Daniel decided to help Berry Elf clean up the forest by sorting the garbage into paper, plastic, and glass cans. They needed to do it to fight the garbage monster and save the Forest Fairy. Will Senda succeed?

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Parents Need to Know

Story-wise, Senda and the Berry Elf is suitable for kids ages 3+ to read along with their parents. The app features a professional narration in eight different languages including Portuguese, Russian, and Catalan. The app also highlights the words as they are read.

Senda and Berry Elf features beautiful illustrations and many interactions within its pages. When you tap an interactive object on screen, you get a star reward. Try to collect as many of them as you can.


By sorting the garbage into paper, plastic, and glass cans, kids are fighting the Garbage Monster and rescuing the Forest Fairy.

Things I Like

In addition to the great music, I like how the story ends with a nice bedtime scene — making it a great bedtime storybook. The story helps kids connect their memories to their dreams.

I also like how the story promotes the importance of recycling and taking care of our environment. I used it to start the discussion with my kids about why throwing garbage recklessly is bad for the environment, and why we need to sort the garbage as we throw them (whenever we can). I also used the opportunity to ask my kids to remember the places where they saw the paper/plastic/glass trash can sets.


Senda and the Berry Elf features 14 beautifully illustrated pages.


Senda and the Berry Elf is a beautiful bedtime storybook for kids ages 3+ who love to read adventure stories. The storyline introduces kids to cleaning up and recycling and the importance of keeping our environment clean and healthy. After reading it with my kids, I believe now they know why they need to sort their garbage whenever possible.

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