Toca Kitchen 2: Chef Role Play App for Kids


Toca Kitchen 2 offers a new kitchen and new characters to play with.

We haven’t started the site back when the first Toca Kitchen was released in December 2011, but we were big fans of the app. I thought it was one of the best apps for kids at that time. It also helped elevate Toca Boca as one of the best developers for kids apps.

After three years, Toca Boca is finally releasing a sequel for the best chef role play app on the App Store. Unsurprisingly, we immediately hit the purchase button and gave the new kitchen a try.

New Guests with New Appetites

The first thing you’d notice in the new app is three new guests: a girl, a boy, and a cute white monster. Each has their own appetite. It’s up to Toca chefs like your kids to figure out which recipe would appeal to each guest.

You can find all the ingredients they need in the fridge. There’s tomato, pear, broccoli, carrot, mushroom, potato, bread, and also sausage, fish, and meat. You can drag one or more ingredients on the counter top for further processing.

There are many ways to cook your food. You can cut them, boil them, fry them, or put them inside the big oven. You can also put them inside the juicer and blend them to create a funky juice.

Each guest will react differently to different kinds of meals. For example, only the white monster likes the blue fruit — none of the human likes it. The cabbage is another example: the girl loves it, but the boy hates it so much.

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Parents Need to Know

In the new sequel, you get to play with a bigger oven and a better juicer. You can put anything into the juicer, including fish head. The characters also have stronger reactions; they can sneeze and blow their mouths if their meals are too hot.

Toca Kitchen is all about chef role play and experimenting with food, so encourage your kids to try out different recipes. If you have a vegetarian household, you can change the settings to include vegetarian food only. Go to Settings app and find Toca Kitchen 2. Then, you can find this vegetarian setting alongside the ability to turn off Toca News.


With the new plates in Toca Kitchen 2, you can easily mix different ingredients when you process the meal.

Things I Like

Toca Kitchen 2 lets you mix multiple ingredients into a single process. For example, you can drag carrot, pear, and tomato from the fridge onto the counter top. Then, go to the juicer and tap on the bottom right icon, which will reveal the condiments and seasonings bar. You can access all the ingredients on the counter top and drag them into the juicer to create a mixed juice.

You can also find some plates on the condiments bar. You can use them to store raw or processed food before mixing them again to create a more complicated dish.

My advise for you would be not to give up when a character doesn’t like a particular ingredient. Based on my experience, changing the way you process the ingredient can yield different result. For example, the boy doesn’t like raw, boiled, or grilled fish, but he loves it when it’s baked.


The characters in Toca Kitchen 2 have stronger reactions when you give them meals they don't like. They may sneeze and make the iPad screen dirty.


Toca Kitchen 2 is a fresh sequel to the popular Toca Kitchen series. You have new guests, new ingredients, and new tools that make the kitchen a great place to play and experiment. It's a great chef role play app for kids. I can’t wait to see people sharing their favorite recipes.

Note: If you noticed several ingredients in the trailer that differ from the actual app, it’s because the trailer was made for the upcoming version of the app. Toca Boca has confirmed that we may see new ingredients (and hopefully, new seasonings) in the upcoming update.

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