Pepi Ride Offers A Fun Toy Car Riding Experience

Take your car for a ride in nine fantasy locations and collect the presents on your way.

Even though there are plenty of things that kids can do with their toy cars, many would always try to put them into a race. This happens to my sons most of the time, even when they’re playing by themselves. The idea of trying to speed ahead in a closed environment really appeals to them. Hence, when a toy car riding app such as Pepi Ride becomes available, they’re instantly hooked on the gameplay.

Customize the Car and Collect the Gifts

You start by choosing one out of four drivers. You then customize your car in the garage, from the paint job and the tires to the colorful stickers and wacky gadgets you can put on it.

Once you’re ready, you can take your car for a drive through nine driving courses in Pepi Island. Simply pick the one you want to play and start driving. On the bottom of the screen, you will see two gas pedals: one pointing to the right and the other pointing to the left. They allow you to move forward or backward, which you often need to collect the gifts.

You will also see a jumping pedal, which lets your car briefly jump up and over some obstacles that may constraint its movement. Combining this pedal with the gas pedal can cause your car to jump forward or backward.

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Parents Need to Know

The gameplay in Pepi Ride includes a fine-tuned bump physics engine so kids ages 3+ won’t get themselves stuck in a bad position for a long time. There’s also a speedometer to make riding the cars more fun.

The different fantasy locations in Pepi Ride allow kids to explore a variety of locations on earth. As not every child may have the opportunity to travel, some may have never seen deserts, tropical jungles, castles, and the mountain caves.

Customize your car with paint, stickers, gadgets, and more.

Things I Like

As shown in the map icons, some locations may be more difficult than others. Yet, the gameplay is kept as friendly to kids as possible. For example, if they’re falling to pitfalls or even into a lava pond, they would still be able to come out unscathed and go on to complete the track.

If you want to collect all the presents, keep your eyes open because some of them may be placed in a rather difficult position. For example, you may need to move, or even jump, backward. But don’t worry, you can always restart the track to find where each present is located.

In total, there are nine different tracks with different difficulty levels that you can play on Pepi Island.


Pepi Ride is a fun app for kids ages 3+ who love to play with their toy cars. They can customize their cars with different colors, wheels, stickers, gadgets, and accessories. They also get to ride their creations in a set of challenging yet fun tracks around the Pepi Island. In Pepi Ride, it’s all about having fun with your toy cars.

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