Dr. Seuss Treasury: A Digital Library of 55 Storybooks from Dr. Seuss

From the main menu, scroll down to see the complete list of 55 storybooks. Download and read as many as you like during the free trial period.

We’re always amazed at the level of care and details poured into each Dr. Seuss storybook. Hence, we were excited to try out Dr. Seuss Treasury, a subscription-based digital library where you can read any of the 55 Dr. Seuss storybooks with your kids. If you want to try it out, you get a free 7-day trial period where you can download and read as many as you can.

55 Books from Four Categories

On the Home screen, you will see a list of books that you can download. You only see five books initially but you can scroll down to see the other 50 books. The books are divided into four categories: Bright and Early Books (5), Beginner Books (10), Big Books (27), and Short Stories (13).

After reading all the books within the Bright and Early Books category, I conclude they’re perfect for readers as young as three-year-olds. The text is kept to a minimum, and there’s good continuation in theme from one page to the next.

In the Beginner Books category, you can find great storybooks such as The Cat in the Hat, where Sally and Dick first met The Cat, Thing One, and Thing Two. Whereas in the Big Books category, you will find longer stories, including the popular Lorax. As a bonus, you can browse through the nice selection of 13 shorter stories in the last category.

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Parents Need to Know

Once the 7-day free trial period is over, you can choose a monthly subscription for $14.99/month, an annual subscription for $49.99/month, or unlock the entire library for $99.99 as a single in-app purchase. I believe the 7-day free trial period is good enough for parents to evaluate whether their kids are interested in reading the storybooks.

Except for the Bright and Early Books, most of the storybooks are suitable for early readers ages four and up. Each Dr. Seuss storybook is nicely written with word rhymes, and beautifully illustrated with interactive elements. Kids can learn a lot by tapping on the words to hear how they’re pronounced or tapping on the objects on screen to know what they’re called.

One of the storybooks included in this digital library is The Cat in the Hat where Sally and Dick first met Thing One and Thing Two.

Things I Like

I like how Dr. Seuss’ books always offer great educational value and a fun reading experience. Each book covers a single topic in great details while invoking the imagination of young readers.

The books also include great reading options. If you want, you can turn off the narration and record your own to make the reading experience more personal.

You can customize the reading experience by turning off the narration and replacing it with your own voice recording.


Dr. Seuss Treasury offers a great reading experience for young kids. With a 7-day free trial period, parents can download and read as many storybooks as they’d like to see if they suit their kids. I’m sure many parents would subscribe to one of the plans at the end of the trial period simply because of the excellent quality of these books.

App was provided for our honest review.

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