Duckie Deck Bird Houses Lets You Build a Treetop House for the Songbird

Duckie Deck Bird Houses lets kids choose their favorite tree, house shape, and materials for their birdhouse.

I’ve never built a bird house before. I’ve also never had a pet bird either. And when you live in a densely populated urban area, it’s almost impossible to see birds, let alone bird houses on treetops.

To help you introduce this concept to your kids, Duckie Deck released an app called Duckie Deck Bird Houses which lets you build treetop bird houses for the pink songbird. The bird will sing a fun tune to keep you excited as you’re building.

Color and Decorate the Treetop Bird Houses

Kids start by picking the tree where they are going to build the bird house. There are eight different trees with different colors, textures, and diameters to choose from. Similarly, there are seven house shapes available.

Kids can mix and match different materials for the bird house and its rooftop. They can then paint the bird house for a more customized look.

For the final step, they can choose from 14 different decorations. They can add chimneys, bells, and string lights to make the house more comfortable, as well as balloons, ribbons, kites, bells, and pictures. They can save their finished bird house to the Camera Roll.

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Parents Need to Know

Duckie Deck Bird Houses has colorful graphics, fun music, and great sound effects that will keep kids ages three and up engaged. The entire creative process is simple and intuitive, so it’s easy to replay it over and over again.

If you have two or more kids at home, you can have them play collaboratively on a single iPad. One of them can choose the tree, and the other can choose the house shape. Going back and forth, they will learn how to work together and build on top of each other’s works.

Choose from among 14 different decorations to give your bird house a personal look.

Things I Like

The app is full of details. It has various trees to choose from, such as apple, pine, acorn, and birch. There are many different materials and textures to create fancy bird houses, from jeans to notebook paper.

I also like the decorations that you can put on the bird house, especially the string lights. By customizing the type of decorations and where you place them, you can create a completely different bird house each time you play.

Once you have completed, you can store your creation in the Camera Roll and start a new one.


Duckie Deck Bird Houses is a fun creativity app for kids ages 3+ who would love to build treetop houses for the cute songbird. It allows kids to express their creativity and get closer to nature. You might get an idea or two for your upcoming outdoor projects with the kids.

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