Let's Go on a Sago Mini Road Trip

Hit the road with Jinja the cat in Sago Mini Road Trip

Some kids are obsessed with playing cars. If yours happen to be one of them, then you’ll want to check out this new app from Sago Sago. Called Sago Mini Road Trip, it’s a virtual toy box in which kids can drive Jinja to visit her friends in far-off places.

Hit the Road, Jinja

Kids start by choosing which of the three friends places (and friends) to visit. There are six possible destinations, including the city, the beach, and the mountain.

To help Jinja pack, kids simply tap or drag the clothing articles they like into the suitcase. They can also pack maps, sunglasses, hats, and even a birthday cake complete with candles on top.

At the garage, kids can choose among an assortment of vehicles from serious (colorful hatchbacks and jeeps) to occupational (an ice cream truck, a farm tractor, a locomotive) to downright silly (a pickle car, a bathtub buggy, a shoe on wheels). After putting the suitcase into the trunk and putting Jinja in the driver’s seat, they are ready to go.

Controlling the car is easy. Kids simply tap on the right side of the screen to move forward, and on the left side to move backward. They can also pick up the car with their finger and go.

There are two rest stops along the way where kids can refuel or clean their car. They will also find lots to see as the landscape changes slightly from trip to trip.

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Parents Need to Know

Like all Sago Mini apps, Road Trip has no ads and no in-app purchases. There is a protected section where parents can read letters from the play designers about the design decisions behind the app and suggestions for things to talk about.

A fun feature you can find in the app is the road trip party. If you hold three fingers on the screen for three seconds while choosing a car, you’ll find lots of presents, balloons, and giant cupcakes during your trip.

There are lots to see on the road as the landscape changes from trip to trip

Things I Like

Sago Mini Road Trip is a cute and easy-to-use game with no rules and no time limits. Kids can drive slowly while taking in the scenery or step on the gas to get to their destination faster. They can also make up stories about their colorful travels.

Consistent with previous Sago Mini apps, the graphics in Road Trip are vibrant and full of details. When you drive really fast, for example, Jinja will make a thrilled expression.

The scenery also varies between trips. Sometimes you’ll find ramps and traffic cones, other times you’ll see space moles popping up on the side of the road. Sometimes you’ll drive through deep puddles, and other times tunnels. This keeps the app interesting despite its repetitive nature.

In future updates, it would be nice if the climate also changes. For example, Jinja could be driving through snow or rain. I would also like to see more mini games for more variety.

Kids can pause at the rest stops to play mini games


Sago Mini Road Trip is a fun driving game in which kids and Jinja the cat visit her friends at various places. They can help Jinja pack her suitcase and pick out which car to take. Zipping along the road, there are a couple of mini activities and plenty of storytelling opportunities. It’s cute but might be too repetitive for older kids, so we would recommend it for toddlers and preschoolers.

Sago Mini Road Trip is available for iPhone/iPad
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