Conquer Your Fear of Shadow by Reconstructing Shadow Mashups in Dis Monster

DisMonster challenges you to find objects that would fit the shadow mashup.

Earlier this year, I wrote about a fun app that aims to help kids overcome their fears of dark shadows, called Duckie Deck Monsters. By turning on the lights, kids learn to switch off their fears and stop imagining bad things that may form the dark shadows.

Recently, a brand new app called DisMonster was released on the App Store. Instead of discouraging kids to imagine things, it challenges kids to find actual objects that could possibly form the shadows.

Explore the Rooms and Take Apart the Monsters

DisMonster takes place inside a house with three rooms. You travel from room to room, trying to take apart the monsters one at a time. Each monster is formed from the shadows of several objects that have been mashed up in a certain way. Your task is to find these objects and fit them against the shadows.

To find the objects, you need to explore the room you’re in. You can pick up any colored object and rotate it to see if it would fit a portion of the monster. Sometimes you may need to look inside the drawers or underneath the pillows. Other times, you may need to look up in the ceiling or thoroughly examine every corner and space in-between the furnitures.

When you find a matching object, the shadow is removed and the monster changes its shapes accordingly. Your task is to completely remove the shadows before the time runs out.

The game uses a flashlight battery as its timer. You start with 10 charges that will decrease over time. Once you run out of battery, the game is over regardless of your progress. If you search the room thoroughly, you may find several charge icons that you can use to increase the battery.

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Parents Need to Know

Because the game requires the player to know about geometrical shapes and how they would look like when rotated, DisMonster is more suitable for kids ages four and up. The gameplay also requires good pivoting skills to rotate the objects. I’d suggest you play with two hands — one finger on one hand to hold the object, and one finger on your other hand to rotate it.

There are more than 70 monsters in DisMonster. The difficulty level will increase gradually as you progress through the game. You may be required to find more items in latter games, or search a room filled with drawers.

If you need to move across the room quickly, you might want to hold your iPad vertically and rotate yourself to a different direction. This lets you rely on the gyroscope to quickly move the flashlight (and the camera) to the other end of the room.

As you progress through the game, DisMonster may challenge you to figure out a unique shadow formed from many objects being mashed up into one.

Things I Like

DisMonster also allows you to create your own monsters. You can use the objects you find in the room to form a unique shadow mashup. Because different room contains different objects, you can create different kinds of monsters in three different rooms inside the house.

When your kids create their own monsters, they learn about how a shadow is formed. This is where the geometrical shape and object rotation play an important role. And when kids put objects on top of other objects, they will learn how several objects can produce a unique shadow mashup.

You can also create your own shadow mashup on top of the 72 ones available in the app.


DisMonster is a fun game for kids ages 4+ to learn about geometrical shapes and how shadows are formed while overcoming their fear of shadows at the same time. The limited amount of time combined with the endless mashup possibilities make this game quite a challenging one even for older kids. And when you’ve solved all the monsters, you can create your own shadow mashups.

DisMonster is available for iPhone/iPad
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