Kids Drive Toy Cars and Play Mini Games in Cotbot City

Drive around the city in your favorite vehicle

Playing cars is a favorite activity among kids. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a fine selection of children’s apps built around the theme. Among our newest picks is Cotbot City, a virtual car play mat where kids get to build and drive around their own city.

Let’s Drive

To play, first you must build your city on the virtual play mat. There are six slots which you can fill with nine different buildings, including a fire station, an ice cream parlour, a park, and a loop track. Alternatively, you can let the app randomly design the city for you by tapping directly on the Play button.

Once you’ve built your city, it’s time to explore it with your vehicle of choice: fire truck, ice cream truck, garbage truck, school bus, ordinary car, or race car. Tilt your device to steer, and don’t forget to hit the red button on the bottom right to sound the horn.

As you drive along, you can play various mini games depending on the vehicle you are driving. When you’re driving the ice cream truck, you can sell ice cream to pedestrians. Similarly, you can collect garbage off the street and have them sorted at the city dump with the garbage truck, and put out fires with the fire truck.

You can also stop by various buildings to find fun features. Drive through the car wash, for example, and your vehicle will be all shiny and clean.

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Parents Need to Know

Cotbot City is designed with an infinite gameplay, which means you can roam about your city as long as you like. You can switch vehicles any time you want, or rebuild the city from scratch. The simple and rule-free gameplay is suitable for kids ages 3-6, but younger kids may need some help steering the vehicles.

Design-wise, the app is intuitive with few menu screens. The menu buttons are large and easy to get to. The app does not contain ads and in-app purchases. It is optimized to run well on older devices, such as the first generation iPad, which is pretty neat.

Build your city or have the app design it for you

Things I Like

Cotbot City is easy to pick up and play. I like that you can customize your play mat or just let the app build it for you. Since there are no rules, you can play however you like and leave any time you want. This makes the app a great option to keep your kids busy while you run a quick errand.

Once inside the game, the app provides plenty of activities to keep kids entertained. It’s always fun to drive through the city and discover new things you can do, such splashing through puddles or pulling a prank on the city dump worker. Plus, kids can learn the names of various vehicles and places to expand their vocabulary.

In future updates, it would be nice to have more cars and mini games. I would also enjoy roaming a bigger city with more places to visit.

Play various mini games and explore fun events


Cotbot City is a virtual car play mat where kids can build and drive around their own cities. There are several activities to explore as you drive along, depending on which vehicle you choose. There are no rules and no time limits for the app, making it suitable for kids ages 3-6.

Cotbot City is available for iPhone/iPad
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