Zombies iMake is a Terribly Fun Way to Create Zombies

Make your own zombie collages in Zombies iMake

We’re fans of Faces iMake, a series of apps that allow kids to create collages using everyday objects. They are great tools for fostering creativity, and easy to use. We previously reviewed the original Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity here, and its spin-off, Faces iMake - ABC, here.

Today, we have the latest addition to the Faces iMake apps to share with you. Called Zombies iMake, it provides devilish fun for children by letting them patch together cartoon zombies from spare body parts.

Let’s Make Zombies

Like the other Faces iMake apps, Zombies iMake is easy to use. You simply drag and drop the body parts you want from the drawer on the bottom to your work canvas.

Once selected, an item can be enlarged or shrunk by pinching inward or outward. It can also be flipped, duplicated, or deleted with a touch of a button.

An especially useful tool is the lock tool, which freezes an item in place while you manipulate the rest of the collage. Similarly, you can move an item forward or backward in terms of z-axis, allowing you to control whether it should be on top of or below other items.

The app includes a wide selection of body parts, grouped based on their functions: head, eyes, mouth, body, arms, legs, feet, backgrounds, and so on. You can mark your favorite items, which will collect them in a separate section for easy access.

Once you’ve completed your zombie, you can save it by hitting the Save button. You can opt to save it to the Camera Roll on your device, or share it via email after answering a security question. All your saved work will be available in the app’s in-app gallery.

Watch trailer video for Zombies iMake on YouTube

Parents Need to Know

Zombies iMake is available for free on the App Store. The initial download comes with the body parts necessary to create basic zombie designs, such as head, facial features, body, arms, and legs. You can unlock additional items, backgrounds, and the camera feature via in-app purchases.

Using the camera, you can bring in your photos from the Camera Roll (or take new ones) and use them in your collage. The app provides a simple editing tool that lets you easily extract objects from the photo.

A neat feature is the inspiration gallery, which contains a handful of collage samples to get your child’s creative juices flowing. You can access the gallery any time by tapping on the Gallery menu. No Internet connection is required to access the gallery.

Finally, parents should also know that Zombies iMake does not contain third-party ads. It does display links to the developer’s other apps, but to access them you must first answer a security question.

Unlock the camera feature to import your own photos into your collage

Things I Like

I like that Zombies iMake offers a vast library of body parts and accessories, allowing you to create to your heart’s content. Want to make a breakdancing zombie or an undead monkey? No problem. The app has no rules and no time limits — just endless, creative fun.

Style-wise, I think the app looks polished. The cartoon drawings allow room for humor while toning down the gore to keep the app kid-appropriate. That said, I would suggest the app for grade school-aged kids.

One downside I noticed is that the graphics would lose their sharpness when shrunk too much. It’s a minor flaw, but it would be nice to see it fixed in the next update.

The inspiration gallery provides ideas to get your creative juices flowing


Zombies iMake is a modern Mr. Potato Head toy that lets kids make silly, ghoulish collages. Featuring simple controls and a vast selection of body parts, it’s a creative exercise fit for children ages six and up. Despite the undead theme, it’s a great app to have all year round.

App was provided for our honest review.