Nighty Night Circus Helps Kids Settle Down for Bedtime

In Nighty Night Circus, kids help animals go to bed by turning off the lights

We may have not reviewed Nighty Night! on our blog before, but it is one of our favorite bedtime apps for kids. Beautiful and soothing, it lets kids help a bunch of farm animals go to bed by turning off the lights. The idea is that once all the animals have fallen asleep, your kids would want to hit the hay too.

It’s been a couple years since the app’s release, and now Fox and Sheep, the development team behind it, has now launched a sequel. Called Nighty Night Circus, it is set in a vibrant circus inhabited by playful animals.

Good Night

The app opens up at night fall, when a little owl stumbles upon a circus camp nestled in the forest. The camp has seven unique locations, each with its lights still on. Guided by the narrator, kids visit each location to turn off the lights.

Once inside the room, kids can tap on the animal to watch it perform various tricks. For example, the rabbit can wave its magic wand to make stars fall, the bear can make balloon objects, and the snake can juggle things.

Afterwards, it’s time for bed. When kids tap on the light switch, the lights will go out and the animal will fall asleep. Then it’s off to the next location to repeat the process.

Once your kids have made their rounds, all the lights will have been turned off and the animals have gone to bed. The app will then go back to the little owl, who has fallen asleep as well.

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Parents Need to Know

Nighty Night Circus is intuitive and easy to use. Short and wordless, it’s suitable for children as young as three years old. With some help from the parents, two-year-olds can enjoy the story as well.

Designed for bedtime, it features a soothing narration and sweet lullaby to lull your kids to sleep. It’s fully localized in 16 languages, including English (UK and US), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

The app does not contain ads and in-app purchases.

Once the lights are turned off, the animal will fall asleep right away

Things I Like

Like the first app, Nighty Night Circus is beautifully made. The graphics are vibrant and full of details. But, the animation is what truly makes the app shine. It’s always fun to tap on each animal to see what kind of tricks they have up their sleeves.

For example, you can tap on the lion to watch him roar proudly in his trailer. Tap him again, and he’ll balance himself on a small ball. It doesn’t stop here, though. Tap him for the third time, and he’ll jump out the door and run around the back of his trailer before going back inside.

Another one of my favorites is the flea siblings that live in a shoe and sleep in matchbox beds. The flea on the far right will slide carelessly into his bed and get his arms stuck. Meanwhile, the flea in the middle can pop out of his bed with a party hat.

The gentle narration and background music help build the perfect atmosphere for going to bed. At the end of the story, the narrator softly suggests that your kids tuck in — of course, after turning off the lights.

Tap on each animal to watch them perform silly tricks


Nighty Night Circus is a beautiful app in which kids get to help various circus animals go to sleep by turning off the lights. As kids make their way through each animal’s vibrant home, they can also watch them perform silly tricks. The gorgeous animation and soothing narration make this a great app to help your children with their daily go-to-sleep ritual.

Nighty Night Circus is available for iPhone/iPad
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