Make Colorful Crafts with Rocks and Pebbles in Labo Pebble Art

Labo Pebble Art inspires you to create all kinds of colorful stuff with rocks, stones, and pebbles.

We’ve reviewed all kinds of apps that inspire and encourage kids to be more creative, from folding origami paper to decorating sock puppets to making faces from food. A great thing about these apps is that you can extend the activities in the real world.

Today, I’d like to add another app to this category: Labo Pebble Art. It’s an app that lets you create various objects from rocks, stones, and pebbles.

Build, Color, and Play

Labo Pebble Art offers 22 courses to create your craft. Each course provides an illustration of what you can create using rocks and pebbles, for example, birds, ladybug, rock choir, and even mushrooms.

When you tap on a course, the app will briefly show you what the final result would look like. Then, it will scramble all the rocks used to construct the object. Your first task is to reconstruct the object by dragging each piece to its correct location.

Once you finish building the pebble art, you can use paint to color the pebbles. The app will show an example, but you’re free to do whatever you want.

Upon completion, you can play a mini game featuring your pebble art. For example, if you’re making a bird then you will play a feeding game where you match the worm to each bird. If you’re making a row of mushrooms, you must catch all the rabbits that are hiding behind the mushrooms.

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Parents Need to Know

Labo Pebble Art is suitable for kids ages 3+ who love to play jigsaw puzzles and coloring. It includes 12 mini games that you can play as many times as you like, including a music rhythm game from the developer’s other app Labo Dancing Kids. In this game, the character will dance to the music whenever you tap a smiling face.

Once you have completed your pebble art, you can save it to the in-app gallery. There is no limit to how many artwork you can keep. If you have more than one human-like creation, you can invite them to join the fun dancing game.

Labo Pebble Art includes 12 fun mini games that you can play with your newly-crafted pebble art.

Things I Like

I’ve reviewed many coloring apps for toddlers in the past, but only a few gets it right. Coloring for toddlers should be made as easy and as customized as possible while keeping the result beautiful.

Labo Pebble Art gets it right by allowing you to tap a region and start coloring without having to worry that it will spill over to the adjacent regions. But, instead of filling the entire region with a single tap, it allows you to define the exact area where you want your paint to be applied. You can also pick up another color and paint within the same region if you want to.

Among the 12 mini games that are included in this app, my favorites are match insects and beach run. The first one is a matchup game where you drag an insect on top of its pair to clear them as fast as you can. In the latter game, you make your character jump over obstacles while collecting coins on the beach.

All your pebble arts are stored within the in-app Gallery.


Labo Pebble Art is a fun activity app for kids ages 3+ who love to go to the beach and collect small pebbles. The app inspires you to create all kinds of colorful pebble arts from your stones collection. If your kids love coloring and building stuff, this is a great app to add into your collection.

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