MarcoPolo Weather Lets Kids Learn about Weather through Simulated Play

Experiment with different weather conditions, temperature, and wind speeds in MarcoPolo Weather.

Depending on which part of the world you’ve lived in or traveled to, you may have experience different kinds of weather conditions. But if you’re like my five-year-old who’s been living in a tropical country exclusively, it’s going to be hard to explain conditions such as snow blizzard, and how it will affect us. While we may use movies to explain the weather conditions that our kids may have never experienced before, I believe there should be a better educational tool for this.

My app pick for today does this excellently. Released by the same developer who gave our kids the chance to explore the deep ocean in MarcoPolo Ocean, their new app is called MarcoPolo Weather. It’s a great and fun way to control, change, and experience different weather conditions from the comfort of our home.

Control the Weather, Temperature, and Wind Conditions

The way you control the weather in MarcoPolo Weather is pretty straightforward. There are three main buttons and one day/night switch on the top of the screen. The first button gives you the option to switch from a clear weather to partly cloudy, or from a cloudy weather to thunderstorm. Some weather conditions that you can simulate include rain, snow, blizzard, typhoon, and hurricane.

The next button gives you the option to change the temperature from very cold to very hot. You can switch the scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and vice versa. The slider covers the range from -20° Celsius to 40° Celsius, or -4° Fahrenheit to 104° Fahrenheit.

The last button gives you the option to change the wind speed. There are four wind speeds supported in this app: no wind, light wind, windy, and heavy wind. You can place a pinwheel from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to see the difference.

The toolbar offers a way for you to customize the simulation. For example, you can change the character on screen, update his outfit, or give him a kite to fly. You can also add properties such as a tent or an igloo.

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Parents Need to Know

The characters have different sets of favorite outfits and meals. I believe your kids are going to love exploring what they can do with the different characters, especially when they learn that different weather conditions will bring additional outfit options.

MarcoPolo Weather gives kids ages 3+ a good playground to experiment and learn how different weather conditions affect us, our routines and activities, as well as our environment. For example, changing the temperature will trigger a different reaction from the character in play. They will also learn what kinds of weather conditions are suitable for flowers to grow and bloom.

Kids also learn about the water cycle and how clouds are formed by switching from rainy to clear weather, and vice versa. They can also use the temperature slider to quickly convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and vice versa. And, of course, they can learn new terms such as anemometer.

MarcoPolo Weather is available on the App Store as a free app with one in-app purchase to unlock the extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorm, blizzard, typhoon, hurricane, and strong wind. Based on what my kids have learned from the app, I’d say the additional content is well worth the purchase.

My kids had a lot of fun playing a snowball fight with the characters in MarcoPolo Weather.

Things I Like

As you’re changing the weather in MarcoPolo Weather, a narrator tries to explain what happens on screen. For example, when you switch the weather from rainy or thunderstorm to a clear or partly cloudy, you will see a rainbow on screen. The narrator will say, “There are seven colors in the rainbow. They are always in the same order.”

Honestly, there are plenty of things I learned from this app. A few days before playing with the app, I told my sons rainbows only appear in daytime. Turns out, there is a thing called lunar rainbow.

I am impressed with the attention to details put into this app. For instance, each character has his own specific meals, as well as clothing options for different weather conditions. Each wind condition also comes with its default temperature and wind speed. For example, snow blizzard typically happens in -16° Celcius and windy condition, whereas a hurricane typically occurs in 21° Celcius and strong windy condition.

MarcoPolo Weather is a free app with one in-app purchase to unlock its full content.


MarcoPolo Weather is a fun, and maybe one of the best, ways for kids ages 3+ to learn about different weather conditions. The different characters, outfits, meals, and properties add depth into the way kids explore the app. The narration also helps kids learn a lot of new things as they switch from one condition to the next. A weather change has never been this fun. My kids had so much fun melting an igloo and throwing snowballs at the characters.

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App and its in-app purchase were bought by us.