Explore the Farm Life in Jump See Farm

Kids meet farm animals in Jump See Farm.

A nice thing about apps is they can take you to interesting places you don’t get to see otherwise. A case in point is Jumpseewow Fire Station, a neat app which takes you on a tour inside a real-life fire station. Using a mixture of whimsical animation and live-action documentary videos, it allows you to meet actual firefighters and learn about the tools and vehicles they use on the job.

Today, I’m going to review a new app of the nature, called Jump See Farm. As you might have guessed from the title, it explores life on the farm.

A Day at the Farm

Jump See Farm includes more than 30 minutes of originally produced videos. They cover various topics around the farm, from feeding pigs to using the tractor. Each video is between one to three minutes long. At the beginning of the app, you choose which topic you’d like to explore: pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, tractors, or bees.

Once you’ve selected a topic, you’ll be taken to an interactive scene where you select the video you want to watch, or just play with the objects on screen. Each scene contains two or more videos related to selected topic. For example, the scene with the cows contain videos about how dairy cows get milked and how cheese is made.

To watch a video, simply tap on the object marked with a star. You can replay each video as many times as you like. You can also go back to the main screen by tapping on the rabbit at the left-hand corner, and choose other topics to watch.

The combination of interactive animation and live-action videos makes the learning process more engaging.

Parents Need to Know

All of the videos in Jump See Farm are included with the initial download, so an Internet connection is not required to watch them. On the downside, the app size is quite large at 350 MB.

The app doesn’t contain ads or in-app purchases. If you like, you can find additional resources to extend your child’s learning and play time on the developer’s website.

Original videos show various activities on a farm as performed by real kids.

Things I Like

Jump See Farm feature high quality videos that explore a diverse set of topics. Kids can learn how pigs are actually the smartest and cleanest animals on the farm, follow along the process of sheep tagging, and even watch as a worker bee emerges from its pupa. These topics are explained in simple and plain language, making it easy for kids ages young as four years old to follow along.

An interesting thing is that many of the videos feature children of the families who run the farms. Although they are young, many of them have been working with farm animals for many years. You can use this fact to spark discussions with your kids; for example, about how life in the city is different from that on the farm, and how you could bring a bit of nature into your home.

Tap on the objects on screen to discover little animations


Jump See Farm lets kids explore life on the farm through short, live-action documentary videos. Kids will meet various farm animals such as sheep and chickens, as well as learn interesting topics like sheep tagging, the bee lifecycle, how to make cheese, and using tractors for farm work. Most of the videos feature real-life kids, making them accessible and friendly. Recommended for kids ages 4-8.

Jump See Farm is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.