Is the Witch in Love? Help Her Understand the Feeling

To charm the Sorcerer Merlinor, the Witch goes all out to change her appearance.

The topic of falling in love is definitely not for kids. But, kids who are approaching their teenage years may already be familiar with the concept. Perhaps this group of audience is the main target for Slim Cricket, the developer of series such as The Witch with No Name and Peepo the Elf, when they developed their next storybook: Is the Witch in Love?

It’s based on the fact that the Witch has never been in love before. In this story, she goes all out to find the love of her life with the help of her bat friend Batina.

Preparing to Meet the Handsome Sorcerer Merlinor

Because she has never been in love, the Witch thinks the man of her dream should be a very popular man. One candidate is the handsome and famous sorcerer Merlinor. So when she hears that Merlinor is about to have a big party this Halloween season, she goes all out to look the best she can.

Instead of going with Batina’s advice, she decides to do everything her once-broken Magic Mirror has to say. She changes her entire appearance in an effort to charm Merlinor, from her outfit and broomstick. She also polishes her table manners.

But a challenge awaits her every time she changes her appearance. For example, the famous fashion designer Lagerspell will ask her to memorize all the apparels he puts on the mannequin before she goes inside the dressing room. When she wants to get the latest Ferraci broomstick car, she needs to prove her driving skill in a race.

But, the real test comes when she meets Merlinor. Will she be good enough for Merlinor? Will her true love be the one we think he is?

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Parents Need to Know

Based on the gameplay alone, Is the Witch in Love? is suitable for kids ages 6+. But, if we consider the storyline, I believe it’s more appropriate for kids who are nearing their teenage years.

You can choose the difficulty level of the mini games to give your kids a worthy challenge. You can also download paper cut-outs and coloring pages from the developer’s website. They can be used as an additional set of activities for your kids.

Is the Witch in Love? is available in English and French.

The mini games may require you to blow or speak loudly - using the iPad’s microphone.

Things I Like

Is the Witch in Love? has plenty of interactive elements. Aside from the mini games, you are also challenged to find the hidden crickets within the app. If you manage to find them all, and complete all the other mini games flawlessly, you can unlock the bonus content.

An interesting bit is the feature to personalize the story. Using the iPad’s front camera, you can project your image to the Magic Mirror. It adds a bit of excitement when younger kids play with the app.

Sometimes, the love of our life is someone close that we’ve been ignoring the whole time.


Is the Witch in Love? is a quirky attempt to explain that love is not something that you can force yourself or someone else into. On the other hand, the story suggests that the love of your life may be someone close to you but have been ignoring.

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