Kids Play Zookeeper for Monsters in Monsterpark Zoo

The inhabitants of Monsterpark Zoo need your help!

Not all monsters are terrible. Some are actually rather cute, friendly, and can even help kids learn various skills.

The monsters I want to introduce today are all of those things. They belong to Monsterpark Zoo, a playful app where kids get to play zookeeper and take care of troubled monsters.

At the Zoo

At the beginning of the app, you will see a map of the zoo along with its 10 monstrous inhabitants. Each monster requires a specific help from you.

One monster needs you to get rid of the mice infesting its enclosure, while another needs you to shear its fur. Others will need food and a bath.

Designed for kids ages 2-6, the activities are simple but require just a bit of problem solving. For example, kids will be tasked to place batteries of various sizes and shapes in the correct slots so they can keep the enclosure warm and cozy.

There is no specific rule to play the app, and no time limit. Kids can take as long as they want to complete each activity, play them in any order, or replay the one they like infinitely.

Each monster has a specific problem that needs your help

Parents Need to Know

Monsterpark Zoo features a stress-free gameplay suitable for preschoolers. It’s also intuitive for them to play on their own. There is no text or audio guide, making the app accessible for early and non-readers, as well as non-English speakers.

The app doesn’t contain ads and in-app purchases.

The activities are simple but do require problem solving skills

Things I Like

While simple, the activities in Monsterpark Zoo are quite unique. One of my favorite activities is using a slingshot to feed a monster spider, adjusting the angle and length of the sling to make the perfect shot. Another favorite is chaining a couple of monkey-like monsters so they can reach a bunch of bananas.

In the graphical department, the app does well by using a colorful palette and cute, non-intimidating creatures. The animation are smooth as well.

Overall, this is a nice, fuss-free app for kids. I do wish that the developer would add more games in the future so the app can have a longer shelf life.

Some monsters need to be fed, others need to be bathed and groomed


Monsterpark Zoo is a cute app that lets kids play zookeeper for adorable monsters. Designed for preschoolers, it’s intuitive and stress-free. On the other hand, it also challenges kids to solve simple problems, and helps them develop fine motor skills.

Monsterpark Zoo is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.