Kids Learn All About Firefighters in Jumpseewow Fire Station App

Jumpseewow Fire Station app lets kids learn about firefighters through interactive animations and real-life video documentary

Have your kids ever wondered what firefighters do in their spare time? Or what it’s like inside the fire station? If they have, then you might want to check out Jumpseewow Fire Station. It’s an educational app that lets kids explore the fascinating world of firefighters through a combination of interactive cartoons and live-action video clips.

Safety First

The app opens up in an animated neighborhood, where Clover the bunny can be seen standing in front of a fire station. Kids can enter by tapping on the garage door. They will be greeted with a video clip of Firefighter Chuck, a real-life firefighter from Arlington, who shows them around the fire station.

They’ll see the radio room where firefighters receive distress calls, the kitchen, the lockers, the laundry room, the sleeping quarter, and the garage where the fire trucks are parked. They’ll also see a demonstration of how firefighters put on their gears and learn what each gear is used for.

Afterwards they can tour the cartoon building, and tap on various objects to bring up relevant videos. For example, they can tap on the posters to watch clips about safety tips, or on the set of tools on the wall to watch a clip about the tools that firefighters use on the job.

Kids can also go outside to visit other places. Outside the fire station, they can tap on the fire engine to watch a clip of Firefighter Joel explaining the many equipments found in a fire truck.

Also included in the app is a bonus video which follows an artisan baker named Mamadou as he makes baguettes. Kids can access this video by going down the street and tapping on the bakery.

A sample video included in Jumpseewow Fire Station on YouTube

Parents Need to Know

Jumpseewow Fire Station doesn’t require an Internet connection to watch the videos, as they are included with the initial download. On the downside, due to all the videos the app size is quite large at 275MB.

If you’re interested, you can find additional resources (books, art projects, costumes) and printables for free on the developer’s site. You can use these resources to extend your child’s play and learning time.

The app doesn’t contain ads and in-app purchases.

The life-action videos feature real-life firefighters from Arlington, MA Fire Department

Things I Like

Jumpseewow Fire Station contains 25 minutes’ worth of clips, which is plenty enough to give kids a peek into the life of a firefighter. The videos are of good quality, and the explanation are given in simple language so kids as young as four years old will be able to follow along. Kids will love watching Firefighter Chuck slide down the pole to get to the engine!

A neat thing about the app is it adds cartoon illustrations into the mix to make the experience appealing. When kids are not watching the video clips, they’ll enjoy going on a skateboard ride down the street, tapping on animals and other things to interact with them.

Kids can tap on the objects along the street to watch various video clips


Jumpseewow Fire Station is a terrific app that gives kids a glimpse into the world of firefighting. It also provides them with useful safety tips in case of fire, as well as a bonus documentary video on how to make baguettes. The combination of interactive animation and live-action videos make for an engaging learning environment. Highly recommended for kids ages 4-8, especially those with an interest in firetrucks.

Jumpseewow Fire Station is available for iPhone/iPad
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