Kids Face Their Fears in Foggy’s Big Fright

Jean-Cloud and Foggy prepare for Windy’s Halloween party

Halloween is an exciting event most of the time, but let’s not forget that some people (and animals) may find it scary. The app Foggy’s Big Fright helps kids learn to acknowledge fear and anxiety, as well as show empathy to those who feel them.

It’s the second appisode from Windy and Friends, a series based on the books by Judith Steedman and Robin Mitchell Cranfield. The apps combine traditional crafting and stop-motion animation to create a playful interactive world.

The Big Fright

Foggy’s Big Fright follows Jean-Cloud and his best friend, Foggy the dog, on Halloween night. Jean-Cloud is excited to go trick-or-treating and join Windy’s Halloween party afterwards, but Foggy doesn’t share the excitement.

Throughout the story, kids will observe how Foggy is frightened by the loud noises and the dark. They’ll also see how Windy and her friends decide to pause the party so they can console Foggy and make him feel more comfortable.

As kids read, they can interact with the objects on screen. For example, they can put on a Halloween costume on Foggy, and help Jean-Cloud catch candies in his treat bag.

Two bonus activities are also available: Word Game and Word Map. In Word Game, kids practice early spelling by unscrambling the letters in simple, single-syllable words. In Word Map, they learn to associate English and French words by tapping on various objects on the map of Windy’s world.

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Parents Need to Know

Foggy’s Big Fright comes with several reading options: Autoplay, Read to Me, and Read by Myself. Narration is available in English and French, and you can switch languages on-the-fly.

The app doesn’t have ads and in-app purchases. A “Parents Only” area safely separates adult controls from child-friendly content.

As they read, kids can interact with the objects on screen

Things I Like

Foggy’s Big Fright features a simple and sweet story for kids ages three and up. As kids interact with the characters, they’ll learn how to recognize negative emotions — such as fear — in other people, and how to alleviate those emotions with kindness. You can take cues from the story, and ask your kids what they’d do if their friends are feeling anxious like Foggy.

Designed for young children, the app is easy to use and navigate. Kids simply press the arrows to turn the page, or they can directly jump to a single page using the page selector. Hints are available to help kids figure out where to touch to trigger animations.

Hints are available to show readers where to tap


Far from frightening, Foggy’s Big Fright is a sweet story that teaches kids to overcome fear and anxiety through sympathy and kindness. The combination of handcrafted graphics and interactive stop-motion animation makes for an engaging reading experience, while two bonus activities promote early spelling and word association in English and French.

Foggy’s Big Fright is available for iPhone/iPad
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