Gruffalo: Photo is a Fun and Safe Camera App for Kids

Kids take photos with the Gruffalo in the Gruffalo: Photo app

A few weeks back, we reviewed a game app inspired by the classic children’s book The Gruffalo. It’s called Gruffalo: Games, and it contains several mini games where kids can play against the Gruffalo himself.

Following up on that review, today we’re back with another Gruffalo app. Called Gruffalo: Photo, it’s a fun camera app designed for kids, where they can take pictures and decorate them with stickers from the original artwork.

Let Me Take a #GruffaloSelfie

Using the app is straightforward. Opening the app, you’ll see three menu items: Camera, Sticker Book, and Things to Do. Obviously, you’ll want to start with the Camera first.

Made with kids in mind, the Camera is pretty simple to operate. The shutter button is located on the center of the screen, and quite big. There are buttons on the top of the screen that let you go back to the main menu, switch between the front and back cameras, choose a Gruffalo-themed frame, and access the Sticker Book, respectively. You can take pictures in both portrait and landscape modes.

Once you’ve taken your perfect shot, you can decorate it in the Sticker Book. Various character stickers are available, including the Gruffalo himself. You can resize the stickers by pinching inward or outward, although you can’t rotate or flip them.

If you’re looking for photo ideas, you can check out Things to Do. This section contains lots of prompts to inspire you. For example, it will tell you to take a picture of someone jumping or find something that is yellow.

Decorate your photos with Gruffalo-themed stickers

Parents Need to Know

Gruffalo: Photo is designed to be kid-friendly and safe. All photos are saved within the app, and not to the device’s camera roll. The app doesn’t allow you to delete or export the photos, unless you explicitly enable these features from the on your device. The app can hold up to 250 photos before some will need to be deleted.

The app is free of in-app purchases or third-party ads. It does show other apps from the developer, but to access them you must first solve a mathematical problem.

If you happen to live in the UK, Gruffalo: Photo also contains a map and directions to all of the Gruffalo’s Child trails locations. You can use the app to record your adventure on the trails.

You can resize the stickers and place them anywhere on the picture

Things I Like

Gruffalo: Photo is a fun way for kids to explore photography. I imagine it would make a treat for longtime Gruffalo fans, but it also works nicely as a camera app for young kids overall. It’s easy to use, plus it has plenty of stickers and frames for photo decorating fun.

A neat feature is the collection of prompts that inspire kids to explore the outdoors and take creative shots. These prompts also provide kids with the opportunity to discover new things. For example, they’ll learn that they can count the rings on a stump to find out a tree’s age.

Along with its pros, the app does come with some downsides. I am miffed that you can’t use existing photos from your device’s camera roll — only new ones that are taken using the app’s camera. I also think the Sticker Book editor could be improved, as it can be difficult to resize the smaller stickers. But overall, I think this app has potential and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the Gruffalo.

The app offers various prompts to help you take creative shots


Gruffalo: Photo is a kid-safe camera app inspired by the beloved children’s book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Photos can be enhanced with Gruffalo-themed frames, then personalized with character stickers and phrases from the story. The app also packs a bunch of photo ideas that encourage kids to explore the outdoors. Suitable for kids ages 3-8.

Gruffalo: Photo is available for iPhone/iPad
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