Minnie Fashion Tour HD is a Dress-Up Game for Little Fashionistas

Over the past 14 months, we have reviewed quite a few dress-up apps for juniors. All these apps encourage juniors to be creative in designing and preparing the best outfits. They are also intuitive and allow juniors to take a snapshot of their creations.

My app pick for today is a great new dress-up app from the team at Disney called Minnie Fashion Tour HD. It features two favourite characters from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV series: Minnie and Daisy.

Minnie Fashion Tour HD gets little fashionistas designing the perfect outfits

Travel to New York, Paris, and Milan

The app is designed based on a successful TV series called Minnie’s Bow-Toons, a spin-off from the more popular Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is targeted at younger girls. One of the episodes, Minnie’s Bow-tique, follows Minnie as she opens a boutique filled with a variety of bows and bow-ties.

The app begins with a brief introduction from Cuckoo Loca. There are two game modes: Fashion & Style and Travel & Style.

In Fashion & Style, juniors play dress-up with Minnie and Daisy without any specific objectives. They can freely mix and match different bow-ties, dresses, and shoes to find the perfect outfit combinations.

The app also includes pets and accessories (such as hand bags, sunglasses, and jewelries) that juniors can add to their outfits. They can even take photos of their own materials and pattern to make custom outfits.

In the Travel & Style mode, juniors help prepare Minnie and Daisy for their travels to three major fashion cities: New York, Paris, and Milan. In each city, juniors will be asked to help Minnie and Daisy figure out what outfit is best suited for the occasion.

Completing one occasion will unlock the next one, until all nine occasions per city are unlocked. Sometimes, if juniors can find the perfect outfit for the occasion, they can even unlock new accessories.

Help Minnie and Daisy find the perfect outfit for their special occasions

Parents Need to Know

The app has a great Minnie’s Bow-Toons feel in it. There are Minnie-specific and Daisy-specific accessories, and special voice work by the original voice actresses for Minnie, Daisy, and Cuckoo Loca. It’s perfect for fans of the series, who are mostly kids ages 3+.

Both game modes have no timers, so juniors can spend as much time to get the perfect outfit. But unlike the popular app Toca Tailor, the activities in Minnie Fashion Tour HD are less about designing and more about dressing up.

Note: The developers have acknowledged that there have been reports of memory issues causing crashes on non-retina devices (such as iPad2 and iPad Mini). They are currently working on a solution and will provide an app update to address this issue very soon. If you are experiencing crashes on your device, try manually closing all other open apps from your task bar before opening this app.

Unlock new items when you pick the perfect outfit combo

Things I Like

In addition to dressing up, Minnie Fashion Tour HD introduces juniors to the basic workflow of a typical fashion show: from preparing the outfits to tweaking the lighting and music. The decision to include three major fashion cities makes the app relatable to young fashionistas.

One feature that I like most about this app is the ability to mix different color and patterns to yield new and innovative patterns. You can then drag the new pattern to replace the existing one in each clothing piece.

Flaunt your style and your pets on the runway


Minnie Fashion Tour HD is a great dress-up app for fans of Minnie and Daisy. The app lets you mix and match different bow-ties, dresses, shoes, accessories, and pets to make the best outfits for every occasions. The app also takes you to the three major fashion cities to feel what it’s like to prepare for a fashion show.

Minnie Fashion Tour is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.