Eggy Phonics 3 Help Kids Develop Reading Skills

Last week, I was on a quest to find great phonics apps to help my four-year-old practice his phonics, word building, reading, and rhyming skills. As a result, I reviewed a couple of phonics apps that you should definitely look into. Today, I want to highlight the third phonics app that offers 100 words from 20+ rhyming families.

Eggy Phonics 3 is the latest app in the Eggy Phonics series. The first app focuses on words that have short vowels, such as cat and dog, while the second app introduces juniors to words with longer vowels, such as cake, nose, and cube. Eggy Phonics 3 is the next step on this learning curve, focusing on words that are a bit difficult to read, such as flea, snail, and bridge.

Eggy Phonics 3 helps kids learn about phonics through mini games

Six Mini Games to Practice Phonics, Reading, and Tracing

Eggy Phonics organizes the 100 words into 20 levels, where each level focuses on a specific word family. For example, Level 1 focuses on “ea” by using words such as eat, leaf, and beast. On the other hand, Level 2 focuses on “ai” by using words such as tail, snail, and paint.

The levels are unlocked one at a time, which means you can’t play Level 20 unless you have completed all the previous levels. After you select a level, you can choose one word from the five options. Then, you will enter a sequence of six mini games to practice your phonics, reading, and tracing.

The first mini game is called Picture This. Based on the word being pronounced by the narrator, juniors choose one picture, out of three options, that matches the hint. After successfully completing this challenge for five times, juniors can advance to the next game.

In Spell the Word, juniors drag the letters into the correct placeholders to build the word mentioned by the narrator. After three successful challenges, juniors can play the Word Play game. Instead of pictures, this game only shows words as options. Juniors need to identify the one spoken by the narrator.

The fourth game is called Spell on Your Own. Similar to the second game, juniors are asked to drag the letters in the correct order to build the specified word. Only this time, the app does not provide any hints of the correct order.

In the next game called Bubble Words, juniors are asked to pop letter bubbles in the correct order to build the specified word. In the final game, juniors can practice tracing the letters that make up the word.

After finishing all the mini games for a word, juniors can take a break and play with the Reward Game for a minute. They can also continue with the next word in the level.

Once all the words have been completed, juniors can play the Mixed challenge to complete the level. In this challenge, all the five words will be used interchangeably throughout the six mini games.

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Parents Need to Know

The app is truly designed to let your juniors practice their phonics and reading skills. Even the reward game is designed for this purpose. In the ship game, for example, juniors are encouraged to collect letters in the correct sequence to build the specified word.

Juniors can replay any of the unlocked words as many times as they like. Each time they successfully complete a word, the counter on that badge is incremented. Don’t be surprised if you find some word badges that have higher counts than others.

The game also includes adjustable difficulty levels. When playing the Medium level, the app will show a 60-second timer for some of the games. If you choose the Hard level, a 30-second timer will be used instead.

Juniors are to collect the right letters to build the given word

Things I Like

I like how the app is packaged. Not just the mini games, but everything within the app is nicely designed. The help screen, about, badges, and even the cross-promotion screen to the other Eggy apps are nicely designed. They are perfectly laid out to provide the right amount of information for the parents about how they can help their juniors get the most out of this app and the other Eggy apps.

The word rhyming families included in this app vary from “ea”, “ai”, “ow”, “oa“, “ou”, “ow” vowels to “kn”, “gn”, “ph” consonants, and “dge“, “mb“, “tch” suffixes. The wide variety of rhymes allows juniors to learn complex words such as earth, frown, sport, knight, scratch, and thread. Putting similar words, such as leaf and flea, in the same level really challenges juniors to distinguish the two.

Finally, I also like how the app slides and zooms when juniors are playing the letter tracing game. No matter how long the word is, they will always face the same size of letters.

Kids also learn to trace


Eggy Phonics 3 is a great addition to the Eggy Phonics series. If you have been playing with any of its prequels then this is the next logical step for you. But if you haven’t had a chance, you should definitely give the other apps a look too. It’s the perfect training ground for juniors ages 4+ to practice their phonics, word building, reading, and word rhyming skills.

Eggy Phonics 3 is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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