Numbers and Counting - Teacher Tilly Gets Kids to Practice Counting

As parents, it’s our duty to make sure that we provide a creative environment at home for our juniors. I have been trying to design activities for my sons without involving the iPads. The criteria are straightforward: the activities must be fun and educational.

Last week I’ve had a great success setting up a phonics and word rhyming game with my four-year-old. This week, I’m trying to set up games that involve numbers up to 25. Coincidentally, the team at Juf Jannie contacted me about their latest Teacher Tilly app, called Numbers and Counting. It’s a collection of five mini games suitable for juniors ages 2+ to practice their basic numbers and counting skills.

Kids play fun activities to practice counting in Numbers and Counting - Teacher Tilly

The Mini Games

When kids start the app, they will see five buildings on one side of the street. Each building represents a mini game, and kids simply tap on one to start playing. While it is possible to play in random order, I recommend starting from the leftmost building as the difficulty level increases as you go right.

In the first game, juniors are asked to associate objects based on their description. For example, a narrated voice will speak out, "What number is the ice cream shop?" Juniors then need to identify the specified building based on the small icons on the top of the building, and match its number with the correct options on the bottom of the screen.

The second game tries to move up one layer up in abstraction. The narrated voice no longer provide hints for finding the buildings. Instead, it will speak out, "Which shop is at number 10?" Juniors need to locate the building based on the specified number.

The next three games involve juniors identifying the missing number in a sequence, counting the objects on the shelves of a grocery store, and identifying all the balls that have the specified label.

After completing five challenges in each game, juniors will earn rewards. Each game has up to five difficulty levels. Juniors can pick the set of numbers that will be involved in the game: 1–5, 6–10, 11–15, 16–20, and 1–20.

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Parents Need to Know

This app only focuses on identifying numbers and performing some basic counting. It doesn’t teach kids how to count or how to write. Thus, it is more suitable as a practice app.

While other apps would have hidden the difficulty level settings (1–5, .., 1–20) in the Parent Zone, this app puts them in the open so juniors can choose on their own. This approach can work really well with juniors who are curious and hungry for learning.

The activities are simple and playful, making them suitable for young juniors

Things I Like

I really like the gameplay ideas implemented in this app. They are simple enough for juniors to play on their own, and relatively simple to replicate at home. Here are a few DIY tips for you to try setting up the games using Post-It Notes:

  • Write down the numbers that you want your juniors to learn, e.g. 16-25, on Post-It Notes
  • Post the notes on the doors inside your house, and on the big furnitures and appliances such as refrigerator, wardrobe, and cupboard. Try to spread them around the house to keep juniors engaged as they explore the house to complete your challenge.
  • Here are a few questions that you can ask your juniors:

    "What number is on the bathroom?"
    "What number is on the refrigerator?"
    "Can you find where the number 12 is?"

  • If you have limited spots, you can recycle the spots by changing the numbers of a completed spot when the kids are not looking, for example, immediately after you send them on a new quest.

The in-game activities are also easily translatable into real life


Numbers and Counting - Teacher Tilly is a fun math activity app for juniors ages 2+ to practice their basic numbers and counting skills. The mini games provide excellent examples for activities that you can perform at home with your juniors.

Numbers and Counting - Teacher Tilly is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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