Tico Timer is a Fun Visual Timer for Kids and Adults

As a four-year-old, Philip regularly practices his handwriting by writing letters and numbers on his worksheets. But sometimes, when the task requires him to work for a few minutes straight, he would easily get distracted. He would come up with excuses to stop whatever he’s doing and work on it later.

To keep him focused on the task, I would sit next to him and set up a timer on my iPhone. Before I make the timer visible, I’d let him know how it works and that he will have enough time to complete the task before the timer goes off. It helps him stay focused and have the self-confidence to know that there is a tangible end to the task on hand.

Unfortunately, the timer included in iPhone’s default Clock app was not built for this purpose. It may have an elegant design, but it’s definitely not designed for juniors. That’s why I was glad when Ricardo Fonseca contacted me about his brand new app called Tico Timer.

Tico Timer visualizes the abstract concept of time through colorful animations

Fun Visual Timer for Kids

Tico Timer is a fun visual timer for your juniors, available both on the iPhone and the iPad. You can setup a timer from 00:01 to 30:59. The app features 10 different animations and six original music tracks. You can specify the combination or let the app pick one at random.

The animations are designed to fit its intended audience. They revolve around colorful squares, circles and rectangles. For example, if you choose the shrinking moon animation, you will see a big circle that slowly shrinks until it’s gone. In the moving sun animation, you will see a sun moving from one side to the other. All movements are timed perfectly to match the length of the timer.

Other types of animations may involve a lot of objects. In the disappearing circles animation, the app will generate one circle for each second, thus a one-minute timer will yield 60 circles. Depending on the animation type, the objects will disappear or slide out of the screen one by one every second until the timer ends.

The music tracks are also composed to fit its intended audience, with beats matched to each ticking animation. They are simple and fun instrumental tracks to accompany you while you work.

Watch trailer video for Tico Timer on YouTube

Parents Need to Know

Tico Timer is a great way to introduce juniors to the sense of time. It’s also a way to let them know that there’s a due time for most, if not every, things. It can also teach them how to count down from 59 to 0.

If your juniors are old enough, you can use Tico Timer to explain what a second means, and how 60 seconds would compound as a minute. If you’re wondering how much time is left on the timer, simply tap and hold your finger on the screen. The app will show you the timer countdown overlaid with the animation.

The app comes with various animations and soundtrack

Things I Like

Tico Timer is a really great idea. It works like magic to fit my needs. It opens itself up to trivial improvements, such as more animation and more original music tracks. I’d love to have the app continue running in the background, both for the music and the countdown.

I really like the music tracks included in the app. They act as a great white noise to accompany me while I’m working. Both my sons also really enjoyed working with the app on the iPad. It really is a nice way to introduce the concept of timer to juniors.

The app is not just for kids -- adults can also use it to keep track of time


Tico Timer is a fun timer that can be used to teach juniors about the sense of time. Even adults can also use the app to time and provide background music to accompany their work. Try it out with the kids’ iPads first, but don’t be shocked if you end up installing it on your iPhone as well.

Tico Timer is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.

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