Explore the Town and Play 14 Mini Games in Fun Town for Kids

I have seen plenty of different apps on the App Store. While many of them are based on a specific theme/premise, I have also seen some activity apps containing random sets of mini games that juniors can enjoy on their own.

My app pick for today is a collection of 14 mini games based on the activities one can do around the town. Called Fun Town for Kids, it’s set in a friendly-looking town with plenty of walk-in shops to explore.

Fun Town for Kids is a collection of 14 mini games suitable for young kids

Explore the Town

The town is laid out as one long street with plenty of shops and buildings. Simply swipe to the left or right to navigate to the different parts of the town. Juniors are encouraged to explore on their own, without having to follow a particular instruction.

Some of the games involve color and/or shape matching, while others numbers and creativity. Some activities are just about having fun, such as playing with bubbles, or about being a good citizen by performing self-checkouts at the local grocery store.

To access the games, simply tap on the buildings or interesting items that you encounter. For example, tapping on the traffic lights will trigger a color matching game where juniors are asked to install new light bulbs to replace the broken ones. In another example, tapping on the public pay phone will trigger a number identification game where juniors are asked to paste in the missing labels for the numeric pad.

Juniors can also learn about shapes throughout the different games. For example, they can try restoring the world map which has been deconstructed by continents. They can also play a simple memory game in which they match pairs of shoes based on their shapes, colors, and patterns.

Finally, juniors can also exercise their creativity by visiting the bicycle shop at the end of street. Here, juniors assemble bikes with their favorite color, design elements, and accessories.

Tap on the buildings or items on the street to play mini games

Parents Need to Know

Each time your juniors complete a mini game, they will earn a badge. You can see which badges they haven’t earned by tapping on the achievement button on the top right corner of the screen. It is possible that they can’t find where the activities are located.

The games are also designed to introduce juniors to different town elements, such as restaurants, banks, and market stalls. The gameplay are intuitive enough for juniors ages 2+ to play on their own, and the activities are easily relatable to real world scenarios.

Kids can learn about financial transactions and money in the supermarket mini game

Things I Like

I rarely see an app that lets juniors explore the different buildings and services in town. While I may have taken my four-year-old to restaurants, grocery stores, and shoe shops, I have never taken him to banks, florists, or a bicycle shop. The activities act as a good reminder of the things that my son hasn’t been exposed to.

The games also introduce basic financial concepts which may be suited for older juniors. For example, juniors are asked to sort paper money and coins that banks typically receive from customers. They are also introduced to the concept of self-checkout and paying with a debit/credit card. I believe four-year-olds are ready to learn the concepts and the different forms of money.

A mix of activities help kids practice with numbers, colors, and shapes


Fun Town for Kids has a set of 14 fun activities that juniors ages 2+ can do around their hometown. The activities are intuitive and easily relatable to real world scenarios. Juniors ages 4+ can also learn about the basic concepts of money and financial transactions.

Fun Town for Kids is available for iPhone/iPad
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