DuckieDeck Family Photo Lets Kids Create Colorful Characters of Family Members

Nowadays, technology has made it easier for everyone to take photographs on their own -- I’m sure you’ve seen people taking selfies and posting them on various social networks. Even my four-year-old is already fluent at taking pictures with both the front and back cameras of my iPhone.

But it’s a different story with my two-year-old. Even though he loves to chat on FaceTime with me when I’m out of town, and create fun and quirky music videos with VidRhythm, he can’t really adjust the camera angles of the iPad on his own. Nevertheless, he can’t hide the fact that he loves to take pictures of himself and his immediate family.

My app pick for today is a brand new app from DuckieDeck, called Family Photo. It’s a fun little app that lets juniors create their own family photo by designing mini persona for each member of the family.

In DuckieDeck Family Photo, kids create colorful characters for a group photo

Family Photo

You start the activity by selecting a new picture frame. Then, you tap on the individual photo frame to add a new family member. The app will randomly generate a new persona for you to start with, but you can definitely change every aspect of that persona.

First, you can change its height, presumably to differentiate juniors from adults. Then, you can change the shape of its head, eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows. You can also choose the hair style and color that suits the persona.

Next, you can add glasses as a personal touch. The app even includes a wide array of sunglasses and a Google Glass for the personas to wear. You can also change the clothes, earrings, and hair accessories to make the perfect fashion style that fits the persona.

Once you’re finished, you can add more personas to the family by tapping on the new individual frame. Tapping the Home button will take you back to the Home screen where you can check out the complete family members in a single family photo frame.

Recreate family members and friends in this creative app

Parents Need to Know

The app is very intuitive to use that even two-year-olds would be able to play on their own. The controls are very simple: juniors only need to tap the various options and/or the navigation buttons to change the look of the persona.

You can take as many family photo as you like. Each family can also have as many members as you like, even though only five of them will show up in the family photo frame.

Your created characters pose for a family photo

Things I Like

Even though the app name suggests that you create personas of your own family members, there really is no such limitation. Juniors can use the app to practice their storytelling skills involving other families, be it distant relatives or neighbouring families. It can also be used to remember the faces of the new people your juniors met by recreating them as personas.

With so many options available for each persona, you can create virtually endless combinations. I believe the app can still be enriched with the possibility to change the background to outdoor scenes, add name tags to the personas, and show different visual cues for adults and kids on the family photo frame. But even without adhering to my wish list, this initial version is a solid and fun one to play.

If you have upgraded your device to iOS 7, you’d probably be aware of the updated multitasking view where you can swipe up apps to close them. Well, this app uses the same gesture to delete unwanted personas from the family. It’s nice to have an app that fits the new iOS conventions.

Plenty of accessories are available to decorate each character


DuckieDeck’s Family Photo is a lovely app that lets juniors create their versions of their family photo. It’s intuitive to use with plenty of different variants that they can experiment with. It’s also a great tool for storytelling and remembering faces of new people that they met.

DuckieDeck Family Photo is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.