Kids Discover Organic Living in Gro Garden

Modern city juniors may not know much about gardening and farming, however it’s becoming more important for 21st century generations to understand the basics of healthy and sustainable living.

If you’ve been wondering how you can introduce your juniors to green living, my app pick for today may be able to help. Called Gro Garden, this relatively new app covers the basics of organic gardening.

Gro Garden introduces kids to eco gardening through fun mini games

Gro Garden introduces kids to eco gardening through fun mini games

Gro Garden

The app is structured into three activities, which are parts of the sustainable gardening life cycle. The first set of activities involve preparing the soil, planting the seeds, tendering the crops with rain water and sunlight, and keeping pests away from the garden.

If you want to use a mulch to help speed up the growth rate of the seeds, you need to apply it prior to planting the seeds. The app provides you with one free mulch, but you’re free to plant more seeds even without the help of mulches.

Once the crops are mature, you can harvest them and use them to feed Banja the Rabbit and the other animals in the cottage. There are four different animals that you can feed with the vegetables. To switch animals, simply tap on the animal’s photo on the wall.

The app also provides you with fresh juice to give to the animals as you feed them. Sometimes, you will also unlock new items, such as delicious cakes, that you can give as desserts.

Once you finish feeding the animals, you can collect the food scraps for the next activity in the sustainable gardening lifecycle. Make sure you wipe the table clean as well.

The last activity introduces you to Connie the Compost. Alongside her worm friends, Connie can help you produce nutritious mulches from the food scraps you collect. The mulch can help your crops to grow faster and taste better. Once you have collected all the mulches, you can repeat the first activity.

Parents Need to Know

Garden Gro has no written instructions, but encourages you to learn as you play instead. The app provides many visual hints and feedback to guide new players. Patricia Richter, CEO and co-founder of Gro Play, said in the app’s iTunes listing:

“Play is not only the most fun way to learn, but also the most powerful. We want to entertain and inspire children and parents. Together we can create a more sustainable future.”

Most of the activities are simple enough for juniors ages 3+ to figure out on their own. However, your juniors would learn more about the vegetables and the various activities in the lifecycle if you could accompany them.

Plant various vegetables to feed the animals

Plant various vegetables to feed the animals

Things I Like

I really like the design of the tendering activities. The difficulty level increases as you plant more seeds. If you’re playing for the first time, I suggest you start with a few seeds at a time. Having to drag the cloud and the sun while keeping the pests away can be a real challenge for your juniors.

I also recommend playing together with your juniors. You can start by planting only a handful of seeds, and delegate the pest control activities to your juniors. Once they understand how the game works, you can plant a full garden and take the role of controlling the pests. Your juniors would love to be the active player in growing the crops.

The activities will get more and more interesting as you unlock more items. There are plenty of seeds, desserts, and worms, to keep your juniors excited.

Collect food scraps and feed them to Connie the Compost to make mulches

Collect food scraps and feed them to Connie the Compost to make mulches


Gro Garden is a fun eco-educational app for juniors ages 3+. Juniors learn how to grow and tend vegetables, harvest them to feed the animals, and collect the food scrapes to generate composts. Gro Garden is more than just a collection of fun games and activities, it also introduces juniors to the basics of sustainable and healthy living -- an essential knowledge for living in the 21st century.

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App was provided for our honest review.