Pinocchio Comes to Life in this Digital Fairytale by Pink Paw Books

I take it that most parents are familiar with the story of Pinocchio. The classic tale was originally written by Italian author Carlo Collodi in 1883, and has seen many adaptions, including Disney’s 1940 animated movie of the same.

Today, I’m going to share an app adaptation of the tale, courtesy of South Korean developers Wise Kids. Titled Pinocchio - Pink Paw Book Interactive Fairy Tale Series, the interactive book offers an engaging narrative, brand new illustrations, and lovely sound effects.

The classic fairytale Pinocchio comes to life on the iPad

The Puppet Who Wished to be a Boy

You probably already know the story: a poor old carpenter, Geppetto, carved a wooden puppet and named it his son, Pinocchio. A kind, blue-haired fairy gave the puppet life, and promised to make him a real boy if he behaved himself.

However, the mischievous puppet strayed into a path of self-indulgence, and as a result was met with a series of misfortunes. Fortunately, in the end he managed to redeem himself and was eventually turned into a boy as a reward for his good deeds.

The app version features essentially the same storyline, only simpler and shorter to better suit young kids. The important moral messages found in the original story remain intact in this 18-page digital book.

The app also features brand new illustrations and professionally recorded sound effects. There is a modest degree of interactivity, for example tapping on the characters or items typically result in a wiggling animation accompanied by a sound effect.

Like most digital books, the app comes with multiple reading modes: Read to Me, Read by Myself, and Auto-Play. The Read to Me mode features professional narration, and supports word highlighting to assist emerging readers. You can also replay the narration on each page.

A stellar feature is the ability to instantly switch the language and reading mode any time from within the app. Simply slide out the pink ribbon on the left, and select the appropriate settings. The app supports 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

The app features exquisite illustrations by South Korean artist Sung-Yong Kim

Parents Need to Know

Pinocchio is part of Pink Paw Book Interactive Fairy Tale Series, a special lineup from Wise Kids which aims to recreate classic fairytales as interactive digital books. One of the series’ special features is its unique collaborations with professional artists to create brand new illustrations to complement the adapted stories.

Pinocchio features the works of South Korean artist Sung-Yong Kim. You can read more about him in the app, as well as a bit about Carlo Collodi and interesting facts about the original Pinocchio tale.

Pinocchio - Pink Paw Book Interactive Fairy Tale Series does not contain third-party apps and in-app purchases.

The app has simple animations and sound effects to keep kids engaged

Things I Like

I enjoyed reading this digital adaptation of Pinocchio. The narrative is shorter in this version, but it is concise and well-written.

A focal point in the app is the beautiful illustrations. They are whimsical and colorful, yet at the same time exuding a feeling of "old-timey". They complement the story really well.

Some might say that the animation and interactivity in Pinocchio are a bit low-key. That is true, but I believe that these little enhancements are cute enough to engage kids without distracting them from the story. Some scenes are notably interesting, such as the one where you can tap on Pinocchio to watch his nose grow after telling a lie.

You can instantly change the language and reading mode from within the app


Pinocchio - Pink Paw Book Interactive Fairy Tale Series is a charming rendition of a classic tale. The app is nicely done, hitting all the right notes with its engaging narrative, exquisite illustrations, and modest interactivity. The feature for instantly switching the narration to any of the seven languages is precious. The app also supports word highlighting for emerging readers.

Overall, the app gets a thumbs-up for me. I would recommend it for kids ages 4+.

Pinocchio - Pink Paw Books Interactive Fairy Tale Series is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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