Jump Jump Froggy Encourages Kids to Exercise and Move

Physical fitness is important for kids. Active kids will likely grow into healthy adults. However, with so many smart gadgets and digital toys nowadays, many juniors are too busy exercising their thumbs instead of their bodies. And if your kids are anything like me (ahem, unmotivated), sometimes it can be tough to get them off their behinds and out the door.

Well, you know what they say: if you can't beat them, join them. Or, in this case, give them an app that will provide them with an incentive for working out. That's the idea behind a new, innovative app called Jump Jump Froggy

Jump Jump Froggy gets kids exercising through four fun mini games

Jump, Jump!

Available as a free, Universal app, Jump Jump Froggy offers four mini games built around colorful frogs and bugs. Sounds simple initially, but here's the catch: physical inputs — in the form of actually doing jumps, sit-ups, push-ups — are required to play the games.

For example, in the mini game Graph Hopper, you help a fly wing its way up the screen by jumping up and down while holding your device. The more you jump in 30 seconds, the higher the fly goes, thus the higher your score.

In Jump Jump Froggy, you help a cute little frog collect flies over its head by jumping up and down, as well as left or right. The higher you jump, so does the frog. Timing and control is important in this game, as bugs may fly at different heights and speeds.

In Pushing Ants, you try to construct a tower of ants by performing push-ups. You put your device on a flat surface, then you do your push-ups while facing the device. An ant will be added on top of your tower with each push-up. Try to build the highest tower within 30 seconds.

Finally, in Sit Up Snake, you move Jake the Snake across the screen by doing as many sit-ups as you can in 30 seconds. Remember to hold the device in front of you, and watch Jake inch closer to the edge of the screen with each sit-up.

With all these games, you can play solo or play with a friend. The app includes a multiplayer mode which connects your device to your friend's via Bluetooth. The only requirement is both of you must have the app installed on your respective devices. Once connected, you can then choose a game to play together. The game will show two characters — one for each player — which will compete for the highest scores.

Parents Need to Know

Keep in mind that the games in Jump Jump Froggy require the player to hold the iPad while performing physical activities like jumps and sit-ups. For this reason, I recommend supervising the kids while playing with the app (and a sturdy iPad case - I like the OtterBox Defender Case).

One feature that I would like to highlight is the app's clever anti-cheating mechanism. For example, you can't simply shake your iPad to fool the app into thinking that you've jumped. That's not to say that the app is completely bulletproof — you can outsmart it, but it does take a considerable amount of effort. In fact, I found that it is much easier to actually jump than to cheat.

Besides encouraging physical fitness, Jump Jump Froggy can also help kids develop basic math concepts. Counting is especially prominent as every time you successfully perform a jump, sit-up, or a push-up, the app will announce your tally on screen.

Compete against a friend in the multiplayer mode

Things I Like

Jump Jump Froggy is a prime example of a simple app with great benefits. I really like that it gets kids (and adults, too) off the couch by appealing to their love of apps and games. Although the games offered in Jump Jump Froggy are fairly simple, they work well.

I also like that the app has multiplayer mode. I think it is easier to motivate yourself to get up and work out when there's a friend to keep you company, so this feature is very appealing to me.

Finally, I also enjoy the little details in the app, like being able to set your own music and watching the animated characters in the game selection screen grow as you play. The graphics are also cute, colorful, and appropriate for kids.

The app has a built-in mechanism to prevent kids from cheating


Jump Jump Froggy is an original, well-thought-out app that encourages kids to exercise both their minds and bodies. The mechanism is simple but solid, and I especially appreciate the multiplayer feature. Best of all, the app is free to download and play with no ads and no in-app purchases required. All in all, I would recommend it if you are looking to get your kids more active.

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App was provided for our honest review.