Fraggle Rock Game Day Offers Record-Breaking Fun

Regular readers of our blog may remember that two weeks ago, I reviewed Fraggle Friends Forever, a storybook app based on the beloved 1980's children TV show Fraggle Rock. Today, I’m continuing that review as the app’s publisher Cupcake Digital has now released another Fraggle Rock app: Fraggle Rock Game Day.

Available as a Universal app, Fraggle Rock Game Day follows the adventures of Red, the cute pig-tailed Fraggle with a competitive streak, as she attempts to save her friends from the clutches of Junior Gorg and break records at the same time.

Red competing for the record of fastest laundry-washing

Record-Breaking Fun

It’s Red’s Record-Breaking Day, and Red is busy breaking all sorts of records. From washing laundry to making the biggest splash, Red is on a roll. She then goes out to pull out a preposterous pile of radishes, but when all her Fraggle friends go out to watch, they are captured Junior Gorg. In order to rescue her friends, Red comes up with a record-breaking plan. Can she manage to save them just in time?

Like Fraggle Friends Forever, Fraggle Rock Game Day comes with multiple reading modes: Read to Me, Read and Play, and Just a Book. The app also boasts over 100 interactive animations, which means that there is something to play with on every page.

At the end of the storybook portion of the app, there are three educational mini games that help juniors develop important skills in recognizing sight words, reading, and math. These game are:

  • Alpha Suds, a word-building game involving sight words.
  • Doozer’s Crossing, a simple game of matching simple geometric shapes to their outlines.
  • Whack-a-Radish, a simplified version of the classic Whack-a-Mole game, featuring radishes.

Finally, there is also a set of coloring pages which allows juniors to color in original drawings featuring Fraggle Rock characters.

There are over 100 interactive animations in the book

Parents Need to Know

Like other storybook apps from Cupcake Digital, Fraggle Rock Game Day is easy to navigate and use. Every button and menu item is labeled so readers can easily tell what they do. Every interactive hotspot is also marked to make it easier to find.

One thing worth mentioning is that Fraggle Rock Game Day (and Cupcake Digital apps in general) are aligned with the Common Core State Standards to help kids prepare for their school curriculum. A detailed information of these standards and how the app adheres to them is available in the Common Core Corner.

In addition, there is also a Grown-Up’s Corner which promotes several topics that parents can discuss with their kids after reading the story.

Engage in educational mini games

Things I Like

Like Fraggle Friends Forever, Fraggle Rock Game Day is a well-made storybook app with plenty of interactive animations to keep young readers engaged. There are all sorts of surprises to find on each page — from color-changing stalagmites to playable musical instruments.

Mini games are almost always welcome in kids’ apps, and the ones included in Fraggle Rock Game Day are no exception. My favorite is Whack-a-Radish, which sneaks in a bit of counting into the gameplay to keep juniors learning while having fun.

Finally, the story itself is enjoyable and easy for young readers to get into. The fact that there are multiple reading modes also helps; for instance, more experienced readers can take pride in reading the story by themselves in Just a Book, while beginners can get assistance from the narrator in Read and Play or Read to Me.

Play Whack-a-Radish, a simplified version of Whack-a-Mole with a bit of counting thrown in


I think Cupcake Digital has found and perfected their formula for creating great storybook apps. Fraggle Rock Game Day is a fun app, even if your kids are not familiar with the original Fraggle Rock TV series. There is real educational content in the app, which is always good to know.

Get Fraggle Rock Game Day on the App Store.

App was provided for our honest review.