Abricot Games - Puzzle Offers Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Yesterday was developers Chocolapps' third birthday. They are one of the most productive teams of artists and developers who have brought us more than 30 apps for juniors, many of which I enjoyed, such as Kid e-Cook, 7 Differences, and Abricot Games - Hide and Seek. Today, as my way of celebrating their special day, I will share my review of their latest app: Abricot Games - Puzzle.

Abricot Games - Puzzle offers lovely puzzles for juniors

Jigsaw Puzzles

As you'd expect from apps in Abricot series, Abricot Games - Puzzle focuses on a single gameplay and showcases beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. This time, it's all about jigsaw puzzles.

When you start the app, you will see five themes: school, farm, vacation, tales, and funny animals. Once you select a theme, you will see up to 10 drawings that you can play with. At the bottom of the screen, you will see three difficulty levels that you can choose: 12 pieces, 20 pieces, or 36 pieces. Pick the difficulty level first, then select the drawing you want to play.

The gameplay is straightforward. Simply drag the puzzle pieces from the bottom bar to their appropriate positions on the canvas, which is a greyscale version of the original drawing. As you put colorful pieces on the canvas, you will start seeing the final drawing in full color.

Each time you complete a drawing, regardless of the difficulty level that you choose, you will unlock the next drawing in the same theme. So if you want to quickly unlock all the drawings, you can play all the easy level first. Once you have unlocked all the drawings, you can play with any of the more difficult levels.

Choose from six fun themes

Parents Need to Know

Jigsaw puzzles are good for improving your junior's observational skills and logical analysis. The game can also teach juniors to be more patient. They are also easy to play that even two-year-olds would enjoy playing it.

Abricot Games - Puzzle has been designed to make it easier for younger juniors to play with many pieces without being overwhelmed. Only four pieces are shown at a time, but you can scroll the bottom bar to reveal more. This approach allows juniors to focus on placing the piece on hand instead of finding which piece they want to put first. It also keeps the game uncluttered.

The jigsaw pieces also easily snap to their appropriate grids. They are always in their correct orientations, so there is no need to twist and turn. The gameplay is so simple that no instructions are necessary.

The game offers three difficulty levels

Things I Like

I like that Abricot Games - Puzzle allows you to convert your own photo into a jigsaw puzzle. It's so easy that your juniors would be able to do it themselves.

I also like the drawings that come with the game. If you look at them carefully, they're showing activities that are relevant to a junior's life. For example, in the school theme, you will find drawings that show typical classroom activities, parents gathering event, or even a visit to the zoo. The drawings are not meaningless. You can use them to encourage discussion with your juniors about great topics, such as getting to know farm animals or visiting their grandparents.

The app features beautiful drawings that are related to a child's activity


While it's easy to dismiss an app that focuses only on jigsaw puzzles as too limited, Chocolapps manages to show that such an app can be of excellent quality too. Abricot Games - Puzzle is a delightful game developed with great love and care, and it shows. The drawings are beautiful and they tell a story in and of themselves. That's more than a parent could ask for in a jigsaw puzzle game.

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App was provided for our honest review.