The Great Gem Search is a Lovely Hidden Object Game for Kids

Longtime readers of our blog may know that I like hidden object games. In fact, Eric and I have reviewed several of them on the blog: Abricot Games Hide and Seek and Little Things Forever. I like these games because they are easy to play and relaxing, yet at the same time they challenge my observation skills.

That said, finding hidden object games which are suitable for toddlers can be quite tough. Obviously these games should not be as difficult, but they should entertaining enough to keep young players engaged. If you’ve been looking for such a game for your juniors, you’re in luck: today I will be reviewing a lovely app called The Great Gem Search.

The Great Gem Search is a neat hidden object game aimed towards young juniors

The Great Gem Search

Aimed towards kids ages 2-5, The Great Gem Search is a ‘hide-n-seek’ adventure game in which players are tasked to find virtual gems hidden within colorful illustrations. At the same time, they can also discover over 40 small, playful interactions.

The app is played linearly, with players solving one illustration/level at a time. There are 12 levels, and 4 distinct gems to find in each one. The levels do not increase in difficulty, but you can skip any one by tapping on the Settings button at the bottom of the screen and enabling level skip.

A notable feature is that the illustrations have a running theme. They tell the adventure of the a character called Jake the explorer and his companions Podgy the blob and Blinks the tiny dragon, through a forest, under the sea, and even an icy mountain inhabited by elves. Many elements are tappable, revealing tiny animations like an egg hatching or a rainbow appearing in the sky. The final level is special, as it requires players to charge up a giant gem by tapping on four small ones that they have found.

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Parents Need to Know

The Great Gem Search is a nice, relatively simple app that would be great for toddlers. While the developers specifically intend the app for juniors ages 2-5, I think it is more suitable for kids under four years old.

Because the app is aimed towards young juniors, the app only requires little reading skills. For the most part, players should be able to navigate and complete the app without much trouble. If you think your juniors might get stuck on a level, you may enable level skip and navigational arrows will show up at the bottom of the screen.

The app does not contain ads, in-app purchases, or external links.

Follow Jake as he searches the world for hidden gems

Things I Like

I think The Great Gem Search is a neat little game. I like how the gameplay is simple enough for young juniors to play on their own. It is good for relaxing, as well as sharpening their concentration.

The illustrations, in my opinion, are the best part of the app. I really like how they form a story without including a narrative. The small interactions are also really cute without being distractive.

One thing that I would like to see is randomness every time we play. As of the current version, the gems are always hidden in the same place, thus juniors may not find much challenge after playing the app a few times. I also think that a hint system would be helpful in addition to level skip.

The app has over 12 lovely illustrations and over 40 animations


Overall, The Great Gem Search is a great game. It is colorful, playful, and most of all it is simple enough for young juniors to play on their own. I would recommend it to parents who are looking to introduce their juniors to hidden object games.

The Great Game Search is available for iPad.
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App was provided for our honest review.