Fiete Match is an Expressive Memory Match Game for Kids

Over the past six months, we have reviewed memory matching games utilizing different themes. Some of our favorites include Memollow and Pippi Longstocking’s Memo. Today, I'm reviewing a brand new memory app from the developers of Fiete. It’s a collection of 18 mini games suitable for younger juniors, entitled Fiete Match, which uses the same sailor character from the previous app. This time, players will be challenging Fiete to a memory matching duel.

Fiete Match is a fun memory match game for young juniors

Six Game Modes

Starting the game, players will see a lighthouse with six windows that represent unique game modes. Tapping on a window will direct the players to a small table inside the lighthouse where they face Fiete for a match.

What makes Fiete Match unique is the game modes. For example, the one in the top window provides an addition game in which players match an operation, such as 3+2, with its corresponding result, such as 5.

The other five game modes include:

  • matching a group of objects to a number representing the object count,
  • finding logical relationships, such as colors and object parts, between two cards,
  • matching cards with images of famous landmarks,
  • matching pairs of abstract images, and
  • matching pairs of marine animals

Players always start first in each game. On his turn, the active player can flip two cards to see if they match the criteria. If they do, that player gets to keep the cards and continues to play until he fails to flip a match.

The game continues until there are no more cards on the table. The player with the most cards wins. You can then restart the game by tapping the restart button on the right side of Fiete, or you can return to the main menu to select another game mode.

Watch Fiete Match’s trailer video on YouTube.

Parents Need to Know

Fiete Match is the winner of SEGA’s Gamescom 2013 Big Indie Pitch. The event was a collaboration between SEGA and PocketGamer where independent developers pitch their game in a matter of minutes. It took place at Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany.

I’m not sure what made Fiete Match won the awards, but as a parent, I can understand the appeal of its unique game modes. My eldest son, Philip, is already fluent with adding small numbers, thus playing the addition game mode is really challenging for him. Younger juniors may like the counting game instead.

The app comes with several difficulty levels that you can set in the Parent Zone. First, you can choose the number of cards: 8, 12, or 16. Then, you can choose the difficulty level for Fiete’s AI: easy, medium, or hard.

The games are really challenging that even adults would find it appealing. For example, when playing against the hard AI, Fiete would avoid revealing new information during his moves. He prefers to open a new card only on his first move. If he can find a match for it, then he will fetch it. Otherwise, he would just reveal a card that’s already of public information. If you make a mistake, Fiete can beat you in a single turn.

Play against the friendly and expressive Fiete

Things I Like

I like how the Parent Zone is hidden underwater. The app provides a hint using a red-white buoy with parents holding a signage pointing downwards. To access it, you need to pull the screen upwards and hold for five seconds. This is similar to the pull-to-refresh mechanism that you would find in, only in reverse.

What makes Fiete Match great is the emotions Fiete would show when the game reaches a turning point. He will be happy when he’s winning, and sad when he loses. He will lift both his hands high up in the air if he sweeps the cards clean, but on the other hand, he will close his eyes out of shame if you win.

His expressions in the middle of a game are also amusing. For example, if you take too long to make your move, he would point his fingers to his watch to tell you to hurry up. If you still won’t make your move, he would slam his head against the table and doze off.

Don’t make Fiete wait or he’ll doze off!


Fiete Match is a great memory matching game. It’s definitely the funnest game that I’ve played. Thanks to its expressive character, unique game modes, and challenging AI, the game appeals to everyone in the family.

Fiete Match is available for both iPad and iPhone.
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App was provided for our honest review.