Blue Bernard is an App About Differences and Colors

About six months ago, we reviewed a beautiful storybook app about a little green girl living on a green planet: Zoe's Green Planet. At the end of that book, our heroine Zoe was seen leaving in her green spaceship to find her friend, Maho, who had returned to her own red planet. Today, we’re going to find out what will happen to Zoe, who arrives on a planet that she thinks is red.

In Blue Bernard, we see what happens after Zoe leaves her green planet to find Maho’s red planet

A Little Blue Boy on A Pink Planet

In this brand new storybook called Blue Bernard, Zoe’s adventure stops on a little pink planet. She stops there because the planet looked red from far away. She decides to stay for a while to fix her spaceship before continuing her quest to find Maho’s red planet.

The main character in this story is not Zoe, though. It’s a little blue boy named Bernard who dislikes the fact that he and his family are the only blue people living on the pink planet. He never feels comfortable living with his pink friends who never really accept him for who he is.

The story explores the different efforts that Bernard does to fit in. He would steal pink clothes and even paint himself pink, just to get accepted by his peers. But when all his efforts do not succeed, he becomes even more distressed.

Fortunately, Zoe is there to cheer him up. He is shocked the first time he sees her, as he has never seen a green person. When Zoe tells him about her quest to find her red friend, Bernard decides to join her. He’s really excited to discover the other colors in the universe. He decides to help Zoe fix and expand her green spaceship to make space for him.

Parents Need to Know

Even though Blue Bernard is a sequel to Zoe’s Green Planet, you don’t have to read Zoe’s story first to enjoy it. In fact, Zoe’s first appearance is on the tenth page of this book. On the other hand, if you have read Zoe’s story, you will see it tightly integrated into this one. The ending of Bernard’s story would lead nicely to the next story in Colorful World, a collection of stories written by Nathalie Tousnakhoff and Matt Roussel.

Similar to Zoe’s storybook app, everything in Blue Bernard is optional: the narration, the ambient sounds, and even the text. You can turn off/on anything as you see fit. Bernard’s story is also beautifully illustrated by Matt Roussel’s unique paper mache style that emphasizes the 3D look and feel of the app.

Bernard is distressed because he is different from his friends

Things I Like

Blue Bernard also comes with five mini games. In one game, you are asked to collect all the fish from the river into the basket, whereas in another you are asked to dress Bernard according to the weather. If your juniors like mazes, there’s also a game where you need to trace a way for Zoe to meet with Bernard.

Two games that I like the most are the landscape game and the spaceship game. In the landscape game, you are asked to put the trees and bushes according to their respective placeholders, creating a beautiful pink landscape in Bernard’s planet. In the spaceship game, you’re asked to fix and enlarge Zoe’s green spaceship, putting all the right components to fit in two people.

Help Zoe and Bernard repair her green spaceship


Blue Bernard is a beautifully illustrated storybook app about a little boy who’s struggling to fit in an environment where he looks different among his peers. If your juniors live in a multicultural environment, the chance of being or meeting someone who doesn’t fit in is relatively high. Even though the story doesn’t conclude on Bernard settling his feeling, it provides many relatable examples to discuss with your juniors. I’d recommend you to read Bernard’s story, even if you haven’t read Zoe’s.

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