Zorbit’s Math Adventure Takes Kids on a Fun Mathematical Journey

Here at Geeks With Juniors, we have reviewed plenty of math apps for preschoolers. Some of our favorite apps include the festive GazziliMath, the eye-popping Bugs and Numbers, and the adventurous Love to Count by Pirate Trio. Suffice to say, the market for math apps is pretty crowded.

But hey, app developers never cease to amaze me. Just when I thought that there’s nothing new that developers can bring to the table, I am surprised by the quality of apps they produce. Case in point: Zorbit’s Math Adventure, a new math app by developers Best Boy Entertainment.

Zorbit’s Math Adventure takes Preschoolers on a fantastic mathematical journey across the galaxy

Blast Off!

Hailed as a “premium game and a breakthrough in learning”, Zorbit’s Math Adventure is one part adventure game and one part animated feature. Players gets to help an exuberant alien named Zorbit as he prepares to blast off to Planet Earth, but not before he helps out his friends and family with some tasks. To do this, he must complete six mathematical adventures, with each focusing on a different theme.

The six adventures are as follows:

  • Zorbit is Such a Sleepyhead. Players team up with Zorbit’s mom to wake Zorbit by playing with toys in his room. They also learn to identify quantities from 1 to 5.
  • I Love Bubblegum. Get gumballs from Zorbit’s crazy gumball machine by feeding 6 to 10 coins into the slot. Also watch as Zorbit blows giant gumball bubbles that burst in his face.
  • Oswald is Sooo Hungry. Help Zorbit’s friend Zippy feed her adorable, gassy pet Oswald. Players learn about counting in various ways here, as well as the concepts of more and less.
  • Awesome Asteroids! Help Zorbit’s friend Marty count spaceships as they fly through the sky. Players also learn about the concepts of above and below, as well as objects that are the same or different.
  • Welcome Cadet. Learn about shapes by assisting Zorbit's Dad, Sgt. Scrambler, in repairing spaceships. Players also learn about several other concepts like narrow/wide, short/tall, long/short.
  • Blastoff. The final adventure sees players building and painting Zorbit’s spaceship. Players learn colors and spatial concepts like top/bottom and left/middle/right.

All the adventures share the same format: a character engages players with a short backstory, provides them with instructions, followed by interactive games. One adventure/module may have several quick rounds of games.

It is notable that all the instructions are given verbally through fantastic voiceovers and bubbly animations. This means that young kids who can’t read yet don’t require their parents’s help to navigate the app. However, they do have to engage their listening skills, which is a good thing, in my opinion. Just in case they missed the instructions though, they can repeat its shortened version by tapping on the character’s icon.

After successfully completing each round, players can collect a reward sticker to keep in their sticker book. They also get a star at the end of each adventure, which they use to fuel Zorbit’s spaceship. There’s also plenty of encouraging words and positive reinforcement. If they get stuck on a task, the app provides hints to help them get back on track.

Parents Need to Know

Zorbit’s Math Adventure is an original game that was designed to help Preschoolers prepare themselves for Kindergarten. The app is said to be based on US Common Core Curriculum with concepts from other countries including Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Several skills that are covered in the app include counting objects up to 20, ordering numbers, identifying shapes, sizing shapes and objects, recognizing colors, recognizing positions, classifying objects, and matching. For a complete list, you can visit the developer’s website.

The app has no ads nor in-app purchases. The game doesn’t require internet connection to play and doesn’t include any external links.

Mathematical activities are interwoven into an engaging storyline, creating a fun learning experience

Things I Like

Calling your app ”premium” is daring indeed, but thankfully Zorbit’s Math Adventure delivers on its promises. While the app’s gameplay is nothing extraordinary, I have to applaud its brilliant, well-executed presentation.

You can tell that a lot of thought went into the development of the app; the activities are integrated so well into Zorbit’s engaging story, kids won’t realize that they’re actually learning math! And even if they do, they probably won’t mind because the process is so fun.

Everything about the app is enjoyable. The storyline is engaging, the 3D animation beautiful, the characters lively, and the voiceover work one of the best I’ve heard. My favorite character (and I bet many kids will feel similarly) has to be Zippy’s cute pet Oswald, who farts, poops, and burps whenever he is full.

Other tidbits that I like include the automatic volume adjustment, which drops the app’s volume when a headphone is plugged in to protect the child’s ears. This makes the app ideal for use in public places.

There is also a safety feature that requires players to tap and hold the Home menu for a few seconds to exit a game. This is especially useful with young kids who are prone to touching the screen as they play.

The app covers various skills necessary to prepare Preschoolers for Kindergarten math skills


Zorbit’s Math Adventure is a terrific app that I highly recommend getting if you have Preschool-age juniors. It covers plenty of the building blocks necessary in preparing for Kindergarten math skills. If you have older kids — don’t fret. New apps for Kindergarten and Grade 1 are already on the way, and are scheduled to blast off in 2014.

Get Zorbit’s Math Adventure on the App Store.

App was provided for our honest review.