Night Zookeeper Story Pairs Gets Kids Creating Wacky Stories

Readers may remember that a few months ago, I reviewed an interesting drawing app, Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch, which provides kids with daily drawing missions to keep their creative juices flowing. Well, now its developers are back with a new app that is just as interesting: Night Zookeeper Story Pairs.

Night Zookeeper Story Pairs is a memory matching game with a creative twist.

Oh, a Plot Twist!

A spin-off of the original app, Night Zookeeper Story Pairs is a Pairs game that features drawings created by little Night Zookeepers around the world. This is no ordinary game, though, as it doesn‘t end once all pairs have been found. Instead, players continue to engage in an imaginative storytelling session.

Just like in an ordinary Pairs game, up to four players take turns to flip two cards at a time. If the cards match, the player gets to keep the pair. If the cards do not match, the next player gets his turn. The twist is that every pair of cards comes with a special "Story Power", which could be a plot, setting, object or challenge like incorporating a song in a story.

The player who wins the game earns the honor of making up a story using the cards and Story Powers that they have collected. The other players can also join in the fun by tapping on the “Roar” button to introduce one of their own Story Powers and complicate the plot. Meanwhile, the app automatically records each storytelling session for playback later.

Parents Need to Know

Night Zookeeper Story Pairs is a simple yet fun app that offers essentially two games. The first game is the classic Pairs, while the second a storytelling game. Because the app is fairly simple to set up and play, it should be usable by kids as young as three years old.

In terms of child safety, the app contains neither ads nor in-app purchases. It also contains no outbound links.

Find pairs of cards to collect unique Story Powers

Things I Like

Like the previous Night Zookeper app that I reviewed previously, Story Pairs is a creative app that makes a simple, ordinary activity — the classic matching game, in this case — fun. Incorporating storytelling into the app is a clever idea as it makes the app enjoyable for the entire family. I can imagine this app being a hit during sleepovers or family reunions.

I also like how Story Pairs utilises drawings by Night Zookeeper app users around the world instead of creating a new set of illustrations. This gives the app a personal touch as well as a connection to the other Night Zookeeper apps.

The winning player may use three of his collected Story Powers to tell a story


Night Zookeeper Story Pairs may be a spin-off of the core Night Zookeeper games, but it is a great app in its own right. It is easy, creative, and really fun for all ages. If you are looking for an app that the whole family could enjoy playing, I would highly recommend this app.

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